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Women to Surge to Electoral Success in 2018

The last few days have been a whirlwind of activity for the campaign. As we previously announced, we are being featured in a TV documentary series that will air in September 2018 called “Surge” about the huge number of women across the country putting themselves forward for elected office since the 2016 elections.

On Sunday, the film’s producer and her crew joined our “Women on Fire” female candidate group for our retreat in Dallas. They filmed a two-hour roundtable discussion about the challenges and advantages of running for office as a woman.

The next morning, they came out to Waxahachie and filmed me (and JoJo) at home and block walking in my neighborhood. In the evening they attended the Surge/Light the Fire Meet & Greet, which we hosted for all the Women on Fire. It was a huge success and everyone loved it. We will do more.

At the event, I sang one of our original campaign songs (co-written with Nashville songwriter Judy Klass). Please check out our YouTube video and share it on your social media. It’s a satirical look at Joe Barton’s 32+ years in office. Gene Dooley is playing guitar and Dr. Carla Morton, candidate for State Board of Education, is playing guitar and singing back up.

Upcoming events

We had to suspend fundraising due to Hurricane Harvey and are now unlikely to meet our end-of-quarter fundraising goals without your help. We have two fundraising events in the next few weeks. We would really appreciate it if you could buy or sell tickets for the events.

The first is a reception in Washington DC on September 19 hosted by my good friends Holly Page and Dave Fuscus. Please get tickets here:

The second is our big DFW-wide event on Wednesday, September 27 at Legal Draft Brewery. We will have live music and home-made brisket tacos. Please get your tickets here:

Thank you for your continuing support.


Jana Lynne Sanchez

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Two of the most pressing issues affecting Congressional District 6 are the need to develop more and better jobs for our young high school graduates (only 30 percent of our district gets a 4-year college degree) and the need to clean up our air quality, which fails federal standards and is harming our health.

Both problems can be at least partially addressed by an aggressive push to develop renewable energy – particularly solar – in the district. Federal policy on renewables is important because the market does not factor in the value of climate benefits of non-carbon fuel.

Current situation/background

Right now, Texas electricity utilities are importing coal from coal-producing states, namely Wyoming. This does nothing to create jobs in Texas and it contributes massively to our poor air quality. Natural gas, produced here, is about 50% cleaner than coal and will continue to fuel utilities for some time to come. We could, however, rapidly transition to solar and other affordable clean energy production in CD6, helping to clean our environment and create many new jobs.

The renewable energy sector is growing 17 times as fast as the rest of the US economy and increasingly provides more and more jobs. The solar energy industry created 73,000 jobs nationally in 2016, an increase of 25%. We must bring some of those jobs to this district. Less than 1% of the electricity produced here is solar, so there’s tremendous opportunity for growth. We should strive to increase that number every year until it reaches at least 20%.

Every increase in the percentage of solar energy produced here will increase jobs exponentially. That’s because renewable energy is job intensive. The wind and solar industries each employ twice as many as those employed in coal mining (despite producing 30% of energy verses 6% for wind and solar combined): Money invested in oil, gas and coal is mainly spent on getting fossil fuels out of the ground. The jobs created in renewable production are good, blue collar jobs of the future as renewable energy production will only increase over time as fossil fuels are depleted. To install solar panels, you need people who can sell, market, and manage the installation and you need installers: these are typically high-school graduates with some education and training in electrical, carpentry and other building trades.

The entire DFW region is a non-attainment area for ozone. This means we have ozone that damages the lungs and increases death rates. President George W. Bush tightened standards to 75 ppb, and President Obama tightened them even further to 70ppb. Dallas region is at 80 ppb right now. President Trump wants to roll back national standards.

Our district can produce solar three different ways: residential panels, community solar where a subdivision or neighborhood invests together in panels, and utility-scale solar farms. There may also be opportunities to develop small-scale wind or geothermal power in our district.

Promoting Renewable Energy Production

There are numerous state and federal steps that need to be taken to promote solar, wind, and geothermal production in our district. Here are some of the main ones:

  1. Subsidy extension: The Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is a 30 percent tax credit for solar systems on residential and commercial properties that is scheduled to phase down starting in 2020. This tax credit should be extended and paired with low-interest federal loans, so homeowners can afford solar installations that typically pay for themselves over 10 years. We also need to reinstate the tax credits for geothermal heat pumps and residential wind systems, which expired at the end of 2016. Solar, geothermal, and wind all help Texans save on our energy bills while cutting pollution from power plants.
  1. Import tariffs: The Federal government should drop plans to charge import tariffs on solar panels. In May, the Trump administration informed other members of the WTO that it was considering imposing tariffs on imports. This would drive up the cost of installation.
  1. Net metering: Make net metering mandatory across the state and country. Net metering means utilities have to net out the electricity used by the solar energy producer. Right now, some utilities charge solar customers a much higher rate for the electricity they use than for the energy they contribute to the grid. Solar panel owners should only be charged for the net amount of energy they use over a given month so that they can get the full value from their investment.

Research and Development

Critical to that objective is investment in scientific research and development. It is disturbing that President Trump and the Republican-controlled Congress is proposing devastating cuts in energy R&D. I will support increases to make the U.S. the global leader in energy technologies, and I will work ceaselessly to make sure that the great research universities of Texas — UT, TAMU, SMU, U of H, Rice — are poised to be major contributors to this R&D effort. Nearby SMU is already a leader in research on geothermal energy — an affordable, clean energy resource that could be a great complement to other energy sources, since it can provide power when the sun isn’t shining and the wind isn’t blowing.

University scientific research leads to innovation which can launch the next generation of industry players. The decisions we make in the next few years will decide which state is the friendliest to those businesses. I want those companies to thrive in Texas and not just in California or New York or Massachusetts, so Texas will remain the energy capital of the U.S. and the globe. I will work with state leaders to help create university business incubators that help translate energy research into new business.


Upcoming Events

We have a large number of events across the district in the next month. We invite you to join us.


  • July 22: Healthcare Panel Discusstion
  • July 23: Voter Circle Training
  • July 26: Energy Independence and Jobs Policy Launch
  • August 2: Waxahachie Meet & Greet
  • August 10: Ennis Meet & Greet
  • August 16: Corsicana Meet & Greet
  • Sept 11: Light the Fire – “Surge” Meet & Greet (new date)


July 22: Healthcare Panel Discussion by Indivisible FWTX

Come out to Benbrook Library to hear a panelist discussion of current healthcare law. Healthcare is a complicated topic and the many facets affect every American. Come to learn more about an industry that affects one-sixth of the American Economy! Tickets are free, but you need to register through Eventbright here:

Sat, July 22, 2017

10:00 AM – 12:00 PM CDT

Benbrook Library

1065 Mercedes St., Benbrook, Tx 76126

July 23: Voter Circle Training

Anyone who would like to participate in our Voter Circle outreach program, please bring your laptop and we will get you signed up. It should take about 30 minutes. Drop by or hang out.

Voter Circle is a new tool that allows our supporters to introduce our campaign to their contacts who are on the voter file.

It’s been proven to be highly effective at bringing in new primary voters and winning races even when the opponent is better funded. RSVP here

Sunday, July 23 at 4 PM

Sanchez for US Congress HQ, 112 West Randol Mill Road, Arlington

July 26: Energy Independence and Jobs – Launch of Renewable Energy Policy

We will be releasing our Energy Independence and Jobs Platform at the largest residential windmill farm in the US, right here in CD6. Come to hear how we will boost America’s energy independence, clean up the air, and create great, blue-collar jobs through supporting renewable energy. RSVP here

Wednesday, July 26 at 1 PM – 2 PM

4831 Honeysuckle Rd, Midlothian, TX 76065

August 2: Waxahachie Meet and Greet

Come out and have a chat with the candidate and other residents. RSVP here

Wednesday, August 2 at 6 PM – 8 PM

The College Street Pub

210 N College St, Waxahachie, Texas 75165

August 10: Ennis Meet and Greet

Please join us for a meet & greet in Ennis, at the Reading Room of the public library.

RSVP here

Thursday, August 10 at 6 PM – 8 PM

Ennis Public Library

501 W Ennis Ave, Ennis, Texas 75119

August 16: Corsicana Meet and Greet

Meet the candidate, join the campaign – hosted by Helen Albritton. RSVP here 
Wednesday, August 16 at 6 PM – 8 PM
1204 Lexington Square, Corsicana, Texas

Sept 11: Light the Fire – “Surge” Meet and Greet

Our campaign – and the work we are doing with other Democratic women candidates in the DFW area – has been selected to be featured on a national TV documentary about the surge of women running for office. The film crew is coming to Texas to film some events, and so we are hosting a meet and greet for all the female candidates and their supporters. RSVP here

Candidates include (more to be added)

Vanessa Adia, US Congress CD12
Michelle Beckley, Texas House 65
Brandy K Chambers, Texas House 112
Sarah Depew, Texas House 67
Linsey Fagan, US Congress CD26
Rixi Melton, US Congress CD21
Danielle Pellett, US Congress CD32
Jana Sanchez, US Congress CD6

Tuesday, Sept 11 at 6 PM – 8 PM

Sanchez for US Congress HQ, 112 West Randol Mill Road, Arlington

Our campaign makes front page of The Ennis News

Following an interview with the The Ennis News with Jana Lynne, the newspaper published a very positive story on the campaign on its front page Wednesday. There are a number of factual errors in the story, including descriptions of our opponents – not provided by us. The journalist did his own research. Also the journalist states incorrectly that we are looking to win Libertarian voters. We said we are targeting Independents in addition to Democrats – some 38% of American voters call themselves Independents. We apparently confused him about CitySavvy. That is a company Jana Lynne co-founded in 2005 in London and Amsterdam that is still in operation today. She no longer has any role in the company other than owner. She was CEO of CitySavvy for 7 years.

Despite those inaccuracies, we think the story is positive and helps raise awareness for our campaign in Ellis County. We are working on organizing an event in Ennis now.

To read the full article, click the links below:

The Ennis News Front page 7-5-17

The Ennis News 7-5-17 cont





Create Universal, Affordable Healthcare – Draft

Create Universal, Affordable Healthcare

The following is our draft plan for creating a universal, affordable healthcare system for the US. It is based on research comparing systems around the world, interviews with healthcare experts, discussions with constituents, and on the experience of the candidate living in two countries with universal healthcare.

It is the basic framework for how we believe the US system could be fixed to provide universal coverage affordably. It is considered a draft because we are continuing to receive feedback.

Please feel free to send your thoughts on the plan to

Create Universal, Affordable Healthcare 

Universal affordable healthcare is a basic human right. And as Americans we pay more than any other developed country for healthcare and have the worst outcomes dollar for dollar. We can do better for patients and for all taxpayers by building on what works in the US system and expanding it to cover everyone.

Republicans have threatened the life and health of all Americans by rushing to repeal the ACA with no viable replacement. This is a political move that endangers the stability of our healthcare system and coverage for most Americans. We are too rich of a country to allow people to die because of a lack of basic and preventive care. Serving the uninsured through emergency rooms is insanely expensive and must stop.

My experience living in two countries with universal healthcare (Britain and the Netherlands) gives me first-hand insight into what would work and what would not work in the U.S. My priority is to make health care more affordable, effective and universal for all. Taking health insurance away from millions of Americans makes no sense. Making it more accessible and affordable for more people makes perfect sense.

My Personal Story

I lived 10 years in Britain, which has a single-payer plan. I had excellent essential and emergency care. There were long waiting times and sometimes frustrating bureaucracy for non-emergency diagnostic tests and specialist treatment. It was, however, far superior to what we have in the US at present. That system costs less than 9% of GDP.

Healthcare in The Netherlands, where I lived for about eight years, is consistently rated the best in Europe, and it costs approximately 11% of GDP (compared with 20% in the US.) It provides universal care, comprehensive coverage, and allows patients to choose their doctors and hospitals. Doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies are profit-making and compete for patients based on quality of care, but prices for all services and medications are agreed upon, and prices are contained. Companies subsidize their employees’ health insurance as an employment benefit, self-employed people don’t pay much more, and the unemployed or those dependent on social welfare receive the exact same coverage. Health insurance is mandatory and there are large fines for non-compliance – less than 1% of the population is uninsured. Deductibles are low – a few hundred dollars a year. Insurance costs are low – I paid less than $200 per month. A typical visit to the doctor’s office was about $40 and insurance reimbursed you 100 percent once you met your low yearly deductible. There are also waiting lists for non-urgent care but less so than in Britain. The Affordable Care Act was modelled on the Dutch system in part, but we failed to implement price controls on services and medicines – something we desperately need in the US but has been unfathomable due to the cozy relationship between the US Congress and lobbyist representing insurers and pharmaceutical companies.

I do not support a single payer mandatory system because currently large employers pay roughly 40% of insurance costs and we cannot afford to replace this in our system. Most people who are employed by corporations, government, universities and other large organizations are happy with their coverage, but would like to see price containment and need to ensure that they remain covered if they leave employment.

My Plan

I will push legislation that creates universal healthcare but that will work to control prices. The mechanism for this would be:

  • Creation of a Healthcare Cost Review Commission in each state comprised of patients, doctors, hospitals, government (Medicaid/Medicare), pharmaceutical companies and insurers (with patients having half of all votes) that would set strict prices for all services and products (drugs). That price would be paid by the patient’s insurer, whether private or public. This has been successfully implemented in Maryland;
    • While the commissions could set lower prices, no drug could cost more for Americans than it costs on average across Europe;
    • The commission would mandate simplified billing that would limit the fees charged per procedure. For instance, the cost of an emergency appendicitis and all follow up care would be standard across all hospitals.
  • Insurance companies would compete for clients but the amount of the premium that could cover administrative costs and profit would be strictly regulated on a federal level;
  • Expansion of Medicaid to anyone below the poverty line and subsidies for health insurance to make sure all lower income workers can afford healthcare, funded by increased taxes on the very highest income earners;
  • Voluntary expansion of Medicare at cost for anyone of any age as an option to private insurance (and to increase competition to for-profit insurers);
  • Mandatory coverage through either private or state plans with significant penalties for non-compliance;
  • Absolutely no ability for insurers to charge extra for pre-existing conditions or refuse coverage under any circumstances;
  • Require all doctors and hospitals to accept Medicare and Medicaid without discrimination (the price received by them from all patients will be the same, so there is no financial disincentive to them.);
  • No limit on staying on employer insurance plans after leaving employment and the ability to switch to another market plan or Medicare, whichever makes more sense, and;
  • Remove requirements for employers to provide health insurance for full-time employees – this rule is causing many employers of lower-income workers to limit their hours, keeping the employees in poverty. It is also causing huge financial strain on small businesses. Either make the contribution proportionate to the number of hours worked or remove the requirement all together. Those employees who are lower income will be eligible for Medicaid expansion. Higher-income and professionals will continue to receive this benefit as employers compete for talent.




Campaign hires day-to-day Campaign Manager

June 15, 2017 – The campaign is excited to announce the hiring of Billy Poer as day-to-day Campaign Manager of Jana Lynne Sanchez for US Congress.

Billy is a long time organizer in the DFW area who got his start on the Wendy Davis campaign working with Battleground TX. Most recently, he organized for the reelection of Miguel Solis to the Dallas School Board and organized in Citrus County, FL on the Hillary Clinton coordinated campaign.

He has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of North Texas and is currently enrolled in a Master’s of Political Management at George Washington University in DC.

His responsibilities will include handling day-to-day campaign operations, most importantly, fundraising. He will also be assisting our Director of Field Operations, oversee earned media, and strategy implementation. This is our second, full-time staff hire to augment our team of dozens of committed volunteers who run everything from PR, digital media, digital outreach events and of course canvassing and phone banking.

Billy will start June 19th and can be reached at or at the campaign office: 817-856-2887.

Poer Headshot 400

Light the Fire! – Meet & Greet for Progressive Women Candidates will help Turn Texas Blue

10 DFW candidates for State House, State Senate and US Congress meet supporters

Allen, Texas, June 15 – Ten women candidates from around the DFW area said on Thursday that they are meeting tonight with supporters to light the fire that will turn Texas Blue in 2018. The event is being hosted by DFW area Stewart and Cody Matthews at their home in Allen. It starts at 7 p.m.

The candidates included in the event are as follows:

Stewart explained his rationale for hosting the gathering:

“My mother was VP of a major hospital and CEO of an internationally renowned retirement facility. She had a great impact on my drive to succeed and be a positive role model to others. We have too few role models in office today. We have too few women making decisions in elected positions that greatly affect women and families. It’s time to change this, especially with the recent escalated attacks we’ve seen on women and women’s rights. It is in Democrats we see a real ability to return true values to both Washington and Texas.”

Stewart made it known that other candidates could be included and the women asked to be added to the event.

“When Stewart offered to host a Meet & Greet for us and said we could include other candidates, I had no idea it would grow so large. I’m thrilled to have so many dynamic, progressive women on ballots around the area, state and country and will work with them to make sure more Democrats are elected in 2018,” said Jana Lynne Sanchez.

The event gives Democratic donors and activists a chance to meet a large number of progressive candidates in one venue and to meet candidates outside of their immediate voting districts. The women will all give a short talk on their vision and their campaigns to the supporters.

“Texas women won’t be relegated to the pretty pink sidelines – we’re going big, bold, and blue,” added Allison Campolo.