Champion small business, the growth engine of the economy.


Support education and training to create jobs in growing insudtries such as tech, healthcare, and renewable energy.


Two of the most pressing issues affecting Congressional District 6 are the need to develop more and better jobs for our young high school graduates (only 30 percent of our district gets a 4-year college degree) and the need to clean up our air quality, which fails federal standards and is harming our health.

Both problems can be at least partially addressed by an aggressive push to develop renewable energy – particularly solar – in the district. Federal policy on renewables is important because the market does not factor in the value of climate benefits of non-carbon fuel. Click here for details.

Defend public education in neighborhood schools (no vouchers).


By: Jana Lynne Sanchez


Effective, comprehensive public education is a fundamental building block of our democracy and the key to our continued prosperity and opportunity. As a product of public education, I support it 100% and believe the best place for most children to be educated is in their local neighborhood public schools. We must make sure these schools are not threatened by ideologies and initiatives that seek to deprive schools of vital funding in order to promote expensive and ineffective private and religious education. Vouchers deplete resources from those schools and only provide enough subsidy to wealthier parents who were already sending their kids to expensive private schools.

Emphatically, I do not support depleting public schools to provide vouchers for students attending private or for-profit charter schools and will do everything possible at a federal level to prevent such initiatives. While this is primarily a state and local issue, I will do everything possible at a federal level to promote public education.

Read my full Education Policy here.


Fight for universal, affordable healthcare – healthy people create a prosperous community.


Create Universal, Affordable Healthcare – DRAFT 6.23.17

The following is our draft plan for creating a universal, affordable healthcare system for the US. It is based on research comparing systems around the world, interviews with healthcare experts, discussions with constituents, and on the experience of the candidate living in two countries with universal healthcare.

It is the basic framework for how we believe the US system could be fixed to provide universal coverage affordably. It is considered a draft because we are continuing to receive feedback.

Read my full Health Care Policy here.