I support a strong and smart US military. The number one job of the federal government is to protect our communities from threats, domestic or foreign. We need strong and smart policies that use a mixture of diplomacy, intelligence and deterrence.

Our men and women of the military keep and have kept America safe. I fully support and respect that and will insure they have the best training and equipment needed to do their job.

Threats to our national security from rogue nations or extremist groups must be met with resolve and determination. Whatever combination of diplomacy and force is needed to keep us safe. 

NATO – I support a strong NATO and other international alliances and diplomacy. These alliances help keep us safe and reduces the need for force.

North Korea – Our National Leaders need to contain North Korea’s nuclear capacity and other hostile acts against the US and its regional allies. We need to proceed in partnership with other world powers using due caution in order to protect against the use of nuclear weapons. We must find ways to remove the advantages North Korea has against our key allies, South Korea and Japan.

For diplomacy to work, we must gain the trust of North Korea that we are honest brokers by not pulling out of negotiated agreements with countries that act hostile with us like Iran. These threats further destabilize the situation and create a situation where negotiation is impossible if the US doesn’t stand by its agreements.

ISIS and Al Qaeda – Al Qaeda in 9/11 and ISIS of Iraq and Syria have been severely weakened by actions taken by the US and our allies. However, they have shown they are a continuing threat to America and to our allies throughout the world. We need to engage and defeat them wherever they are. Deny them safe havens to operate and gain strength and to counter their recruitment of young men and women to their radical ideology. We should invest more in our domestic intelligence operations by the FBI and appropriate state agencies. We need to invest in FBI, CIA, NSA, etc. to coordinate fully with European, Middle East, African, and south Asian security organizations to prevent attacks.

Russia is not our friend. During their early history, the Russian people learned the maxim of war is that a good defense is a very aggressive offense. This was taught to them by the Huns, Vandals, and the Mongols. Therefore, throughout their history they have attacked neighboring countries when they thought they were weaker than Russia. This nation will take advantage of any weakness they perceive. They have restarted the cold war because of the perceived weakness the Republican Party has afflicted upon the US by constant tax cuts that are destroying our infrastructure, constant attacks on minorities, elitism, etc. which is destroying the cohesion of our nation. This perceived weakness has opened the door for the Russians to undermine our democracy by interfering in our elections. We need to display strength, unity, and resolve to meet any threat to our security and democracy. The first step is we need to investigate fully any coordination between Russian agents and any members of the current administration. The second step is to remove the power and influence of the Alt Right Republican Party from federal and state government.

Domestic terrorism. We need to use our intelligence forces, existing laws and law enforcement agencies including the FBI and ATF to prevent further attacks on America from extremists both domestic and foreign. Most Americans still don’t realize that more Americans have been killed and harmed by domestic terrorists that have no connection with foreign powers or organizations. They are home indoctrinated by domestic organizations that are hell bent on the violent overthrow of our government. They are not asking for your vote. They are demanding your submission or your blood.

Natural Disasters. We need to build smart and modern defenses to prevent the devastating impact of natural disasters to our coastal cities and overseas territories, such as Puerto Rico. As soon as the weather services determined that a second Category 5 hurricane would hit Puerto Rico, the president should have requested Congress to release and fund US military forces to come to the rescue of the Americans of Puerto Rico. The US Marines should have sent an Expeditionary Brigade minus heavy weapons and tanks. The US Army should have sent an airborne brigade minus heavy weapons. Both units would be augmented with additional engineering, transport, police, and medical battalions. The Marines would have secured coastal communities and their ports, power plants, and airports. The airborne brigade would have landed in the interior parts of the island to open communications to the coast by clearing roads, repairing bridges and repairing the electrical grid. Both units would have supplied humanitarian supplies, primarily food and water to the local communities. They would  then have turned over these activities to FEMA and Army Corp of Engineers as both agencies arrived on the island.

Our veterans deserve the best in medical care during and after their service to our country.

Our veterans need access to quick and affordable physical and mental health care through a strengthened VA and partnerships with private health care providers, where the VA is not geographically equipped to meet demand. They have sacrificed for us. Our obligation is to make sure our nation takes care of them when they need our help, even after they are no longer able to serve in combat. My father is a Marine in poor health. I have taken him many times to the VA hospital and he has received excellent care. I support the VA and want to strengthen it further and make it more accessible for veterans like my dad.

Other issues:

The defense industry is important to this region. It creates good skilled jobs that support our economy and create opportunities for many. I expect the Pentagon to spend taxpayers’ money wisely and believe Congress plays a large role in making sure it does.

The role of Congress. Under Article I, Section 8 of the US Constitution, Congress has the sole power to declare war. I support H.R. 669 to prohibit the President from using the armed forces to conduct a first use nuclear strike without Congressional approval.

Torture: Against US law. Waterboarding is a form of torture. Senator John McCain (a prisoner for 8 years) says it is torture. I will take his word on it. The US Army manual prohibits torture on the grounds that if we torture, it gives a green light for our enemies and opponents to torture our people.