Upcoming Events

We have a large number of events across the district in the next month. We invite you to join us.


  • July 22: Healthcare Panel Discusstion
  • July 23: Voter Circle Training
  • July 26: Energy Independence and Jobs Policy Launch
  • August 2: Waxahachie Meet & Greet
  • August 10: Ennis Meet & Greet
  • August 16: Corsicana Meet & Greet
  • Sept 11: Light the Fire – “Surge” Meet & Greet (new date)


July 22: Healthcare Panel Discussion by Indivisible FWTX

Come out to Benbrook Library to hear a panelist discussion of current healthcare law. Healthcare is a complicated topic and the many facets affect every American. Come to learn more about an industry that affects one-sixth of the American Economy! Tickets are free, but you need to register through Eventbright here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/healthcare-panel-discussion-tickets-35894012959?aff=eiosprexshreclip&ref=eiosprexshreclip

Sat, July 22, 2017

10:00 AM – 12:00 PM CDT

Benbrook Library

1065 Mercedes St., Benbrook, Tx 76126

July 23: Voter Circle Training

Anyone who would like to participate in our Voter Circle outreach program, please bring your laptop and we will get you signed up. It should take about 30 minutes. Drop by or hang out.

Voter Circle is a new tool that allows our supporters to introduce our campaign to their contacts who are on the voter file.

It’s been proven to be highly effective at bringing in new primary voters and winning races even when the opponent is better funded. RSVP here

Sunday, July 23 at 4 PM

Sanchez for US Congress HQ, 112 West Randol Mill Road, Arlington

July 26: Energy Independence and Jobs – Launch of Renewable Energy Policy

We will be releasing our Energy Independence and Jobs Platform at the largest residential windmill farm in the US, right here in CD6. Come to hear how we will boost America’s energy independence, clean up the air, and create great, blue-collar jobs through supporting renewable energy. RSVP here

Wednesday, July 26 at 1 PM – 2 PM

4831 Honeysuckle Rd, Midlothian, TX 76065

August 2: Waxahachie Meet and Greet

Come out and have a chat with the candidate and other residents. RSVP here

Wednesday, August 2 at 6 PM – 8 PM

The College Street Pub

210 N College St, Waxahachie, Texas 75165

August 10: Ennis Meet and Greet

Please join us for a meet & greet in Ennis, at the Reading Room of the public library.

RSVP here

Thursday, August 10 at 6 PM – 8 PM

Ennis Public Library

501 W Ennis Ave, Ennis, Texas 75119

August 16: Corsicana Meet and Greet

Meet the candidate, join the campaign – hosted by Helen Albritton. RSVP here 
Wednesday, August 16 at 6 PM – 8 PM
1204 Lexington Square, Corsicana, Texas

Sept 11: Light the Fire – “Surge” Meet and Greet

Our campaign – and the work we are doing with other Democratic women candidates in the DFW area – has been selected to be featured on a national TV documentary about the surge of women running for office. The film crew is coming to Texas to film some events, and so we are hosting a meet and greet for all the female candidates and their supporters. RSVP here

Candidates include (more to be added)

Vanessa Adia, US Congress CD12
Michelle Beckley, Texas House 65
Brandy K Chambers, Texas House 112
Sarah Depew, Texas House 67
Linsey Fagan, US Congress CD26
Rixi Melton, US Congress CD21
Danielle Pellett, US Congress CD32
Jana Sanchez, US Congress CD6

Tuesday, Sept 11 at 6 PM – 8 PM

Sanchez for US Congress HQ, 112 West Randol Mill Road, Arlington

Light the Fire! – Meet & Greet for Progressive Women Candidates will help Turn Texas Blue

10 DFW candidates for State House, State Senate and US Congress meet supporters

Allen, Texas, June 15 – Ten women candidates from around the DFW area said on Thursday that they are meeting tonight with supporters to light the fire that will turn Texas Blue in 2018. The event is being hosted by DFW area Stewart and Cody Matthews at their home in Allen. It starts at 7 p.m.

The candidates included in the event are as follows:

Stewart explained his rationale for hosting the gathering:

“My mother was VP of a major hospital and CEO of an internationally renowned retirement facility. She had a great impact on my drive to succeed and be a positive role model to others. We have too few role models in office today. We have too few women making decisions in elected positions that greatly affect women and families. It’s time to change this, especially with the recent escalated attacks we’ve seen on women and women’s rights. It is in Democrats we see a real ability to return true values to both Washington and Texas.”

Stewart made it known that other candidates could be included and the women asked to be added to the event.

“When Stewart offered to host a Meet & Greet for us and said we could include other candidates, I had no idea it would grow so large. I’m thrilled to have so many dynamic, progressive women on ballots around the area, state and country and will work with them to make sure more Democrats are elected in 2018,” said Jana Lynne Sanchez.

The event gives Democratic donors and activists a chance to meet a large number of progressive candidates in one venue and to meet candidates outside of their immediate voting districts. The women will all give a short talk on their vision and their campaigns to the supporters.

“Texas women won’t be relegated to the pretty pink sidelines – we’re going big, bold, and blue,” added Allison Campolo.

Ellis County Fundraiser BBQ, May 21

Please join us to support the candidacy of Jana Lynne Sanchez for US Congress

Jana Lynne is running to protect and promote Texas Values.

Jana Lynne will fight for working families in Washington.

Pit Stop Collage4

Sunday, May 21, 3 pm to 7 pm

Dinner, music, and games for children

$50 per adult, $5 per child

Pit Stop BBQ

3921 U.S. 287, Reagor Springs

Waxahachie 75165

Music will include:

  • 287 TrainWreck
  • Drew Winters
  • Jana Lynne Sanchez and Nashville songwriter Judy Klass, performing their original campaign songs
  • We are very excited to have banjo player Terry Bloss supporting our performance

Click here to buy your tickets


Event Co-Chairs:

287 TrainWreck   
Terry Bloss                            Cecilia Martinez-Carlisle
Ann-Claire Anderson and                Stewart and Cody Matthews
  David R. Schleicher                  Geneva McAskill and Zach Zoll
David Cox                              Bill Mills
Phyllis Duggan                         Tara and Josh Moyes
Libby Garza Elizondo                   Charlie Rando
Chuck Glidden                          Shelly Reigh
Jeremy Gordon                          Debbie Reid
Rachel Grzywinski                      Keith Ricci
Brittany and Travis Hearnsberger       Mary Rollins
Casey Horn                             Susan Shields
Dr. Laura Hunt                         Doreen and Robert Stedman
Candi Hunt                             Melissa Thrailkill
Jean Kastanek                          Rebecca Trammell
Janet and Larry Kriv                   Chris Vitale
Karen Perkins Lockett                  Drew Winters


Sanchez Derides New Town Hall Rules by Barton as Political Correctness Run Amuck

Contact: Helen Miller


214-463-5935 (campaign office)

For Immediate Release

Sanchez Derides New Town Hall Rules by Barton as Political Correctness Run Amuck

Waxahachie, TX, April 13, 2017 – “Political correctness run amuck,” is how Congressional candidate TX-6 Jana Lynne Sanchez describes the new rules for Rep. Joe Barton Town Halls. The rules were announced in response to a letter from Sanchez’s lawyer to the Congressman seeking an explanation for why she was prohibited from distributing handouts at his March 11 Town Hall.

 The letter from Sanchez’s lawyer cited a federal court decision that people at a government-sponsored town hall could not be banned from “distributing leaflets expressing disagreement.” The March 22 response came from the U.S. House of Representatives Office of General Counsel. It denied any wrongdoing, but promised “rules and restrictions” would be posted for future Rep. Barton Town Halls.

 Sanchez says she expected running against the 17-term incumbent would not be easy, but she did not expect his taxpayer-funded staff to use their positions to shut down free speech.

 The rules, which appear on the Congressman’s official website, include “Feel free to applaud when you hear something you like,” no distribution of campaign material, and “No other handouts or signs are permitted.” The next Town Hall was held in April 11 in a remote corner of the district.

 Rep. Barton came prepared, packing the meeting with supporters and having armed security for crowd control. Noting that material and signs in violation of the rules were seen at the April 11 meeting, Ms. Sanchez labelled the new rules a “sham” and a poor attempt at silencing the Congressman’s many critics.

 “Barton has spent too much time pleasing his big oil and gas donors rather than caring for his constituents,” Sanchez says, promising to disregard the new rules at the April 13 meeting in Mansfield and April 20 meeting in Waxahachie.

 Barton gained national media exposure for yelling at constituent to shut up at his March town hall meeting.

Jana Lynne Sanchez for US Congress on social media:




Sanchez congratulates DFW Lowriders on community service. Asks for the group’s help for Hispanic voter turnout

Waxahachie, TX, USA – April 6, 2017 – Candidate for US Congress TX-06, Jana Lynne Sanchez, will attend the United Lowrider Council meeting tonight to congratulate the members on their contributions to the community. The group is gearing up to raise funds for Cook Children’s for Pediatric Brain Tumor Research through its Dreaming the Cure Car Show, which will take place on April 9. Last year the group raised some $58,000 through this annual event.

The charity organization is known for its distinct custom classic cars, trucks, and lowrider bicycles and for its many community contributions.

“Lowriders are more than a car club or car organization. They are proud Americans. They are leaders in the community, including at the ballot box – they vote,” said Sanchez. “I am asking for their help in increasing the awareness for the need to vote throughout the Latino community in Tarrant County,” she added. “They are the best examples of the American Dream in action.”

Latinos make up 22% of Congressional District 6 and could be the defining voice in any election in Tarrant, Ellis and Navarro Counties, if they voted at the same rates as non-Hispanic Whites (45%). Only 27% of Hispanics vote on average in the US.

“We need to raise our voice every opportunity we get. We need to show the forces that would seek to marginalize Latinos that we represent the best of the American dream and that we are a force,” said Sanchez.

The regular ULC meeting will be held at Chuyitos, 1521 N. Main Street, Ft Worth from 6 pm to 8.30 pm. Ms. Sanchez will speak towards the end of the event.

Dreaming the Cure will take place April 9, 10 am to 5 pm, T&P Station, 316 Vickery, Fort Worth.

Great Day at Rally for Texas DFW 3/6/17

Our campaign was out in full force at Indivisible DFW’s Rally for Texas in Rockwall on Sunday March 6. We were joined by several hundred hearty patriots who braved rain, wind and cold to support progressive candidates for school board, city council, state house and US Congress. The crowd also enthusiastically welcomed Democratic candidate for Texas Lieutenant Governor Mike Collier and Texas State Representative Victoria Neave. A large group of Ellis County Democrats were present.
Jana Lynne spoke about the importance of public service in an extreme time of need. Her main point was that despite the threat to democracy, freedom and the Constitution, we must be brave in the pursuit of public service. She spoke about the hope we as progressives should have as a result of a new breed of public servant emerging today: candidates who are willing to do whatever needed to protect democracy and everything it takes to win. She defined these as 1) creating a winning message, 2) raising the money necessary to run a credible campaign and 3) putting in the time into building a voter engagement “machine” – speaking to every winnable voter in the district. Jana Lynne believes we need to speak more about our values and care less about demographics, as she feels the Democratic brand is broken, although our values are widely favored by the majority of voters even in conservative communities.

You can view Jana Lynne’s speech below.