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Rosie O’Donnell supports campaign: Star-Telegram publishes article

Today Anna M. Tinsley of the Star-Telegram publishes article: “Rosie O’Donnell sends shout out — and cash — to a North Texas congressional candidate”

The article appeared online http://www.star-telegram.com/news/politics-government/state-politics/article150581102.html  just as our campaign had released an announcement about Rosie’s donation and the two ladies on Twitter who made it possible. Text from our announcement follows. You can also read our whole announcement here.

Thank you!

Sunday night, comic Rosie O’Donnell boosted the campaign with a retweet and a $1,000 contribution. A couple of generous women, @sumoh and @SnowStormYou – previously unknown to the campaign – launched an initiative to help boost our fundraising with a matching gift of $250. Rosie retweeted their tweet, and we were off!

After Rosie retweeted the request, Jana Lynne tweeted to Rosie asking for a contribuiton, which she promptly made. Our Twitter page gained several hundred followers in addition to the one-and-only Rosie!

They set up a special link, although some of the contributions went onto the regular link (including Rosie’s), but we calculate at least an additional $2,500 was raised within the first few hours, and contributions are still coming in.

Click here to contribute to the special campaign:  https://secure.actblue.com/contribute/page/janasanchez2018

Ellis County Fundraiser BBQ, May 21

Please join us to support the candidacy of Jana Lynne Sanchez for US Congress

Jana Lynne is running to protect and promote Texas Values.

Jana Lynne will fight for working families in Washington.

Pit Stop Collage4

Sunday, May 21, 3 pm to 7 pm

Dinner, music, and games for children

$50 per adult, $5 per child

Pit Stop BBQ

3921 U.S. 287, Reagor Springs

Waxahachie 75165

Music will include:

  • 287 TrainWreck
  • Drew Winters
  • Jana Lynne Sanchez and Nashville songwriter Judy Klass, performing their original campaign songs
  • We are very excited to have banjo player Terry Bloss supporting our performance

Click here to buy your tickets


Event Co-Chairs:

287 TrainWreck   
Terry Bloss                            Cecilia Martinez-Carlisle
Ann-Claire Anderson and                Stewart and Cody Matthews
  David R. Schleicher                  Geneva McAskill and Zach Zoll
David Cox                              Bill Mills
Phyllis Duggan                         Tara and Josh Moyes
Libby Garza Elizondo                   Charlie Rando
Chuck Glidden                          Shelly Reigh
Jeremy Gordon                          Debbie Reid
Rachel Grzywinski                      Keith Ricci
Brittany and Travis Hearnsberger       Mary Rollins
Casey Horn                             Susan Shields
Dr. Laura Hunt                         Doreen and Robert Stedman
Candi Hunt                             Melissa Thrailkill
Jean Kastanek                          Rebecca Trammell
Janet and Larry Kriv                   Chris Vitale
Karen Perkins Lockett                  Drew Winters


Sanchez raises more than $20K in first two months of candidacy


Contact: Helen Miller


214-463-5935 (campaign office)


For Immediate Release

Sanchez raises more than $20K in first two months of candidacy

Vows to break Democratic fundraising record to unseat 17-term Barton

Waxahachie, TX, USA – April 13, 2017 – Candidate for US Congress TX-06, Jana Lynne Sanchez, announces today that her campaign received contributions of $20,237.49 raised in the first two months since declaring her candidacy. Sanchez vows to raise unprecedented funds to challenge 17-term incumbent Joe Barton and aims to raise approximately $1.5 million through the general election.

The money was raised from a combination of contributions via her extensive social media network and from among friends and former colleagues. The donations range in size from $1 to $2,700, and the average amount was less than $100. Sanchez is a former Democratic fundraiser, former correspondent for the Reuters news agency, and the owner of a successful communications agency she co-founded in 2005 in London and Amsterdam (although she is now only a silent partner in the business).

“Joe Barton has remained in office term after term, while he no longer promotes or protects the values of the majority of voters in the district, thanks to the absence of term limits and his ability to raise large amounts of money from big oil, gas and polluters,” says Sanchez, who lives in Waxahachie.

“I grew up in Ellis County – in Maypearl, Midlothian, and Waxahachie. I understand that the main concerns of people are Prosperity and Opportunity, Doing What is Right, Independence, and Freedom. Chief examples of these values include affordable healthcare, well-funded neighborhood public schools, and term limits,” she adds. Sanchez is also running on a platform of immigration reform that is humane, offers a path to legal status, and promotes personal responsibility. Her grandfather immigrated from San Luis Potosi, Mexico in 1912 and settled in the 1950s in Rockett, Ellis County, where she is a landowner.

Sanchez graduated from Waxahachie High School in 1982 before attending Rice University on a mixture on financial aid, scholarships, grants, and help from her family. Sanchez serves on the Dean’s Advisory Board at the School of Social Sciences at Rice University.


Jana Lynne Sanchez for US Congress on social media:






Sanchez congratulates DFW Lowriders on community service. Asks for the group’s help for Hispanic voter turnout

Waxahachie, TX, USA – April 6, 2017 – Candidate for US Congress TX-06, Jana Lynne Sanchez, will attend the United Lowrider Council meeting tonight to congratulate the members on their contributions to the community. The group is gearing up to raise funds for Cook Children’s for Pediatric Brain Tumor Research through its Dreaming the Cure Car Show, which will take place on April 9. Last year the group raised some $58,000 through this annual event.

The charity organization is known for its distinct custom classic cars, trucks, and lowrider bicycles and for its many community contributions.

“Lowriders are more than a car club or car organization. They are proud Americans. They are leaders in the community, including at the ballot box – they vote,” said Sanchez. “I am asking for their help in increasing the awareness for the need to vote throughout the Latino community in Tarrant County,” she added. “They are the best examples of the American Dream in action.”

Latinos make up 22% of Congressional District 6 and could be the defining voice in any election in Tarrant, Ellis and Navarro Counties, if they voted at the same rates as non-Hispanic Whites (45%). Only 27% of Hispanics vote on average in the US.

“We need to raise our voice every opportunity we get. We need to show the forces that would seek to marginalize Latinos that we represent the best of the American dream and that we are a force,” said Sanchez.

The regular ULC meeting will be held at Chuyitos, 1521 N. Main Street, Ft Worth from 6 pm to 8.30 pm. Ms. Sanchez will speak towards the end of the event.

Dreaming the Cure will take place April 9, 10 am to 5 pm, T&P Station, 316 Vickery, Fort Worth.

I never slept on Nov. 8, but I sure as hell woke up on Nov. 9

More than a few people were surprised, ok shocked, to see that I decided to run for US Congress. Honestly, I never ever planned to run for office of any sort. Unfortunately I have no choice. As I constantly say: I never slept on November 8, but I sure as hell woke up on November 9.

I am running because our Constitution, democracy, and the American way are under assault and we have never faced a more grave threat certainly in my lifetime. Perhaps never in the history of the US. Like the more than 10,000 American women across the country who have signed up to run for office since November 9, I am here to help form a blue wall against tyranny. I want to be an essential building block to turning Texas blue and in turning Congress blue in 2018.

We are very proud of the campaign we have run to date. We have gained a high-level of social media following (almost 15,000 followers between all platforms), attended hundreds of events where we met thousands of Democratic voters and gained some media exposure following Joe Barton’s “shut up” gaffe at his town hall. See the Ft Worth Star Telegram story.

To date, we have also raised $16,000 cash to date from 145 donors from around the district, DFW area and country. While this might not sound like much, in the first six weeks of our campaign, we’ve already surpassed the amount reported by the 2016 Democratic nominee in CD06 for her entire primary and general campaigns.

Our first FEC deadline is March 31. Our goal is to raise $20,000 by end of day Friday.

If you have not made a donation yet, can you please do it now via ActBlue:

ActBlue: Jana Lynne Sanchez for US Congress

You can also pay directly via PayPal, but please make sure we have your name, address, employer and occupation: PayPal to Jana Lynne Sanchez

In the primary, we need to spend approximately $100,000, all of which will be helpful for building our vote for the general election.

We will spend our funds on the following:

  • The VAN databases from the state democratic party that tells us who all the likely Democratic voters are
  • Doorhangers to leave behind when we walk precincts
  • Push cards to distribute at events
  • Bumper stickers
  • Two district-wide mailings to likely Democratic primary vote
  • Campaign manager to run our ground game
  • Banners, signs, etc.
  • Polling, if we raise enough money

As y’all know, we believe the secret to winning this winnable district is Message, Money and Machine. We are focusing equally on all three throughout the campaign.

Jana Lynne Sanchez

Candidate for US Congress, Texas CD6