Field Organizers wanted

Now hiring Field Organizers for the Jana Lynne Sanchez for US Congress general election campaign (June – November 2018).

Field Organizers will oversee field strategy for a region of District 6 (encompassing sections of Tarrant County and all of Ellis County). That territory will be assigned, though the successful candidates’ current location may be a consideration in the assignment.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: overseeing the recruitment, training, retention, and management of volunteers in their duties (persuading voters, block walking, lit drop, texting, sign delivery, and events). In addition to managing volunteers in these activities, field organizers will be expected to do these things themselves on a daily basis. Successful work on the campaign comes with a team-oriented work style; none of us is above doing any work, and good ideas can come from all of us. There will be other duties that arise—some that we can imagine, others that will become clearer as we progress.

Although the strategy you implement must be in line with the larger campaign, you are free to develop your strategy for your specific region. We run a data-driven campaign, and so will evaluate everyone’s progress based on the numbers.

This work requires long hours, usually 7 days a week. Work is conducted wherever needed (office, voters’ neighborhoods, event spaces, headquarters, candidate’s home, etc), and so regular travel is to be expected. Pay is competitive, commensurate with experience.

Using the Subject Line “Field Organizer application,” please submit resume and brief cover letter to: Position open until filled, with priority deadline June 15, 2018.

Sanchez receives “Gun Sense Candidate Distinction” from Moms Demand Action

On Tuesday, Jana Lynne Sanchez was distinguished as a “Gun Sense Candidate” by Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America.

“I am very proud to receive this recognition.  I exercise my right to own a firearm, but I am a firm believer that with rights come responsibilities. I stand with Moms Demand Action and the majority of Americans who believe in common sense gun laws. If I am elected, I will fight for those sensible gun laws and will not be swayed by the gun lobby,” Sanchez said.

Among other gun safety issues, Sanchez highlighted her opposition to Concealed Carry Reciprocity, which would force all states to abide by the weakest concealed carry laws in the country. She also believes in universal background checks and prohibiting domestic abusers from buying guns.

In the words of Moms Demand Action:

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America is a grassroots movement of Americans fighting for new and stronger solutions to lax gun laws and loopholes. Since its inception after the tragedy at Sandy Hook School, Moms Demand Action has established a chapter in every state of the country and, along with Mayors Against Illegal Guns and the Everytown Survivor Network, is part of Everytown for Gun Safety, the largest gun violence prevention organization in the country with more than four million supporters.


Sanchez raises $250K in primary

Arlington, TX, April 5 – Jana Lynne Sanchez, Democratic Candidate for US Congress (TX06) said today that her campaign had raised more than $250,000 in the primary so far. In the first quarter, the campaign raised more than $104,000 – its best quarter yet. The campaign has received 5,757 contributions of an average size of just less than $44. She is in a run-off for the Democratic nomination.

Sanchez is the Healthcare Champion with a detailed plan for how to make sure every person in this country has affordable healthcare. For more information on her healthcare plan, please see: She is also fighting for better jobs for our high school graduates, well-funded public schools and immigration reform. Sanchez is also a strong proponent of Congressional term limits. She is the granddaughter of migrant farm workers who settled in Ellis County in the 1950s. She credits excellent public school teachers in Waxahachie for her being able to go to Rice University, which she could afford thanks for federal financial aid, multiple scholarships and the support of family.

The campaign has also had major local endorsements including Texas AFL-CIO and former DFW news anchor Gloria Campos.

The funds raised come primarily from the DFW region, including the district, which spans from Arlington to Corsicana, although a large number of national grassroots donors have contributed.

Statement on the Trump Administration’s Budget Proposal

Purchased Photo DCCC--10FEarlier today, President Trump released his budget proposal. His administration tries to claim it will reduce the federal deficit by $3 trillion. It won’t.

The numbers don’t add up. This budget proposal relies on estimates that the economy will continue to grow rapidly. In the last week we have seen wild swings in the stock market that remind us we cannot count on future money to plan today’s budget.

Just last week the President authorized an additional $300 billion in spending–and this on the heels of $1.5 trillion in tax cuts that will help shrink the middle class. The Trump administration is trying to pull a bait and switch on the American people.

Hidden in this budget are devastating cuts to Medicare and inadequate coverage of our infrastructure needs. While it cuts back on the services for our roads and our senior citizens, it commits $23 billion to border security.

Most of that $23 billion is to build the wall, which is—on its best day—a colossal waste of money. There are sensible, humane ways to tackle immigration and make our economy stronger. This is not it.

I cannot support this proposal. By some measures, this budget proposal will add $7 trillion over the next 10 years. It will do that all while cutting funding for Medicare, Medicaid, and food stamps. There are real ways to reduce the federal deficit without hurting the most vulnerable members of our society.

If elected, I will support a federal budget that works toward real deficit reduction, protects our seniors, and invests in meaningful infrastructure improvement. Such a plan must include:

  1. Strong infrastructure improvement – achievable through bipartisan efforts.
  2. Support for Medicare and Medicaid – please read more about my Healthcare Plan on my website.
  3. Clear-eyed budgeting that makes a deliberate plan for reducing the federal deficit – while President Trump pretends to advocate for deficit reduction, this budget proposal would balloon our federal deficit.

I believe in simplifying the tax code by closing financially reckless loopholes. We can invest in our society without cutting funding for people who are struggling to feed and care for themselves and their families.

Sanchez Campaign endorsed by Climate Hawks Vote: the first candidate endorsed for the 2018 House of Representatives

Climate Hawks Vote announced their first endorsement for the 2018 House of Representatives on November 15: Jana Lynne Sanchez for US Congress in the Texas 6th District. Their announcement is as follows: 

Climate Hawks Vote

We’re excited to announce our first endorsement for the 2018 House of Representatives: Jana Lynne Sanchez, running to be the fossil-free Democratic opponent against incumbent climate denier Joe Barton in Texas’ 6th Congressional District. Texas’ primary is March 6, one of the first in the nation.

Jana Lynne Sanchez just might be the bravest candidate in Texas—she’s the first candidate from this fossil-fueled state to publicly sign our pledge not to take any money from the fossil fuel industry.

Jana is running for office on a pro-solar, pro-jobs platform. She’s doing the work to get into office, with fundraising far outpacing the other candidates in the primary. She’s organizing — helping other Texas Latina Democrats running for Congress and state legislature. And she’s traveled to Houston for hurricane relief work.

There are other good people running in the Democratic primary, which is why we asked Climate Hawks Vote members in the district who to endorse. Jana won over 73 percent of the survey— we thank all who voted and spread the word.

We think Jana can win this red Texas district because she’s a strong candidate running against a weak incumbent. Barton has been one of the worst polluter-financed politicians in Congress since he was first elected in 1984, earning the nickname “Smokey Joe” for his endless attacks on the Clean Air Act. When BP caused the Deepwater Horizon disaster, Barton demanded that then-President Barack Obama apologize to them. Barton has a long track record of ridiculous comments in defense of the oil-and-gas industry, like his claim that global warming is a “net benefit to mankind.”

Barton isn’t just a denier of climate science—Barton votes to deny relief to the survivors of climate disasters, even his fellow Texans. In September, he was just one of four Texans to vote against relief for Hurricane Harvey. Then in October, he doubled down as one of just three of Texans voting to deny relief to Americans surviving the western wildfires and Hurricanes Maria, Irma, and (again) Harvey.

Thanks to the contributions of Climate Hawks Vote members like you, we’re already actively campaigning against Barton, running targeted ads on social media calling him out as #HarveyHeartless in his district. The American people deserve better—and Barton’s constituents deserve better.

We don’t have to watch climate deniers get re-elected year after year without putting up a fight. We can help climate champions like Jana Lynne Sanchez sweep into office across this nation.

Your fellow climate hawk,

RL Miller

Donate to Jana here.

Donate to Climate Hawks here.


@JanaSanchez, 9/26/17: “I’ve just signed the No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge”

‘Smokey Joe’ Barton: Global Warming ‘Is A Net Benefit to Mankind,’ ThinkProgress

Eight More Deep Thoughts From Rep. Joe Barton, Time,8599,1997963,00.html

Four Texas House Members Voted Against Harvey Relief…for Texas, Houston Press

Latino Majority PAC supports the Jana Lynne Sanchez campaign

Backed by Latino Majority PAC, Latinos Against Trump announced their support for the Jana Lynne Sanchez campaign in an email on Thursday. Their statement read:

The Votes Are In!

Latinos Against Trump is proud to announce the first candidate to receive our support: Jana Sanchez

Jana Sanchez

Trained in political science and journalism, and raised right there in Texas, Jana Sanchez is a dedicated problem solver with a head for practical solutions. She is a leader the Latino community can be proud to put forward. Latinos Against Trump is excited to support such an incredible candidate, but it’s up to you to make that support count.

Our support is only as meaningful as you make it. We know you and thousands of others are out there to support strong Latino candidates like Jana, and this is the time to show it. Now is when your contributions will have the most impact. You can help her establish her campaign early and get her message out before her opponents. 2018 might seem a long way away, but with this much on the line we can’t take any chances.

Please donate to the Sanchez campaign here.


Statement: Sutherland Springs mass shooting

On Sunday morning, November 5, a shooter walked into a small church in Sutherland Springs, TX and began killing the people inside. Once again we find ourselves mourning the deaths of dozens after yet another mass shooting. While some of us may have become numb to these reports, rest assured that this community will be changed forever, as will each of the communities that have been rocked by gun violence.

We need to come together to solve this. I am a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and a gun owner. Sensible regulations do not contradict our right to bear arms. In fact, most gun owners agree that there should be standards for who can have a gun. As Congresswoman, I will work hard to protect the safety and security of my constituents and all Americans. People who have a history of violent criminal behavior should not have access to firearms. Owning a gun comes with great responsibility, and each gun owner must be educated about how to safely use their gun.

We cannot accept this as the new normal. For too long, the gun lobby has held us at gun point to line their pockets under the guise of “freedom.” Well, this isn’t freedom. It isn’t freedom when you may lose your life at church, or a music concert, or a shopping mall. We are better than this, and I will fight to end gun violence in this country.