Gloria Campos, former Dallas/Fort Worth News Anchor, endorses Jana Lynne Sanchez

From Gloria Campos

My fellow Texans,

It’s my honor and pleasure to endorse Jana Lynne Sanchez in the Democratic Party runoff for the 6th Congressional district of Texas. Since my retirement as a longtime Dallas-Fort Worth television News Anchor, I’ve become increasingly alarmed at the chaos surrounding our current administration and the gridlock in Congress. As a professional broadcast journalist I kept my own views and beliefs to myself. But I am no longer bound by those professional tenets and as a concerned private citizen I must speak out.

That is why I am seeking out like minded candidates who will represent what I believe are the views of a majority of fair minded voters. Jana Lynne Sanchez is that kind of candidate. She has a common sense view on many issues  facing our country now: a pathway to legal status for some immigrants NOT amnesty, she supports the 2nd Amendment-the right to bear arms with reasonable gun laws  that don’t take away guns from responsible gun owners. Finally Jana supports term  limits that I believe would keep fat cat lawmakers from getting too comfortable in Washington forgetting the people they were elected to serve.

If you believe as I do then we must elect candidates like Jana Lynne Sanchez. It is increasingly clear to me that there are many lawmakers in Washington who don’t care what the voters at home think and only listen to special interest groups and lobbyists who make big campaign contributions. Jana Lynne Sanchez has run her campaign with the help of thousands of small donors. I hope you’ll join me and support Jana Lynne Sanchez for the Sixth Congressional district of Texas. Vote May 22nd.

Gloria Campos former Dallas/Fort Worth News Anchor


Sanchez campaign outraises all candidates in both parties in TX06

Thank you! We did it! Our campaign has now raised more than $200,000 from more than 5,000 individual donations.

We have outraised all of the Republicans in the race in total and even in the period since they entered the race.

We have raised almost double the amount that all Democratic opponents combined have raised.

The money is being spent on an unprecedented GOTV effort in the primary.

This fundraising ability and broad base of support demonstrates that we are the campaign that will turn this district blue in 2018.

Sanchez raises record funds for unprecedented GOTV effort


Arlington, TX, Feb 15, 2018, – Jana Lynne Sanchez, Democratic Candidate for US Congress (TX06) said on Thursday that her campaign had raised a record-breaking amount in her campaign to become the next US Representative for district 6. The campaign had raised over $175,000 by the pre-primary deadline.

Funds are being used to reach Democratic primary voters around the district. So far, the campaign has already knocked on doors of about 10,000 Democratic primary voters.The funds raised come primarily from the DFW region, including the district, which spans from Arlington to Corsicana, although a large number of national grassroots donors have contributed. The campaign counts more than 2600 donations from $1 to the maximum of $2,700.Sanchez has the support of the Texas AFL-CIO, Dallas AFL-CIO, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus’s BOLD PAC, the New Democratic Coalition PAC (representing 61 Democratic members of Congress, who are pro-growth problem solvers) , Poder PAC, Latino Majority PAC and Climate Hawk Vote PAC.Sanchez has a number of Town Halls and Meet & Greets in the coming weeks. Those can be found here. For more information about Sanchez’s campaign, please visit her website:

Jana Lynne Endorsed by Congressional Hispanic Caucus Bold PAC

Waxahachie, TX, December 28, 2017– Jana Lynne Sanchez, Democratic Candidate for US Congress (TX06) announced Thursday that she had received the endorsement of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus’s Bold PAC. Bold PAC is “the fastest growing Democratic Political Action Committee dedicated to increasing the diversity of our leadership in the House and Senate. It champions progressive Democrats fighting for change.”

“I am thrilled to be recognized by Bold PAC,” Sanchez said Thursday. “From their record-breaking fundraising to their great work in underrepresented neighborhoods, they have proven that they can follow through on their commitment to increase diversity in Congress and the Senate.”

Sanchez is one of twelve candidates across the country endorsed by Bold PAC, which raised over $2 million in the first three months of 2017 alone.

Sanchez has raised $130,000 in this record-breaking campaign. The amount raised to date is more than double the amount raised by any Democratic candidate running in this district in more than 30 years and for the entire race, primary and general.

The campaign counts more than 1,900 donations from $1 to the maximum of $2,700. The average donation is around $67. Most donations are coming from the DFW area including many from District 6, which spans from Arlington to Corsicana.

The candidate, staff and volunteers have been attending events around the district since February and walking precincts to connect with voters since May.

Sanchez has also been endorsed by Dallas AFL-CIO, the Latino Majority PAC, Climate Hawk Vote PAC, and the New Democratic Coalition PAC, representing 61 members of US Congress who are pro-growth problem solvers.

Media Release: Sanchez wins Dallas AFL-CIO endorsement

Arlington, TX, December 22, 2017 – Jana Lynne Sanchez, Democratic Candidate for US Congress (TX06) said today that she had won the endorsement of the Dallas AFL-CIO (American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations), the Dallas area branch of the largest federation of unions in the United States.

“Thank you Dallas AFL-CIO for endorsing my campaign. I am so completely honored to have the backing of the working women and men of Dallas and surrounding counties. As I told them, I will always stand with Working Families,” said Sanchez.

Sanchez is the granddaughter of migrant farm workers who settled in Ellis County in the 1950s. She credits excellent public school teachers in Waxahachie for her being able to go to Rice University, which she could afford thanks to federal financial aid, multiple scholarships and the support of family.

“My upbringing was humble and I was taught the value of hard work. My parents and my grandparents always worked very hard, but they never had the protections workers deserve. We have to change that, so prosperity is shared by all,” added Sanchez. Sanchez is running on a platform of better jobs for our high school graduates, well-funded public schools and affordable, universal healthcare as well as working across the aisle for the betterment of her district. Sanchez is also a strong proponent of Congressional term limits.

“People are sick of partisan ideology and division and just want good government,” she says.

Sanchez has also had other major national and local endorsements including New Democratic Coalition PAC, representing 61 members of US Congress who are pro-growth problem solvers, Latino Majority PAC and Climate Hawk Vote PAC.

Her record-breaking campaign has already raised $120,000 to date, twice the amount of any previous Democratic candidate in this district for three decades.

The funds come primarily from the DFW region, including the district, which spans from Arlington to Corsicana, although a large number of national grassroots donors have contributed. The campaign counts more than 1,200 donations from $1 to the maximum of $2,700 and the average contribution is $47.17. You can make a contribution by going to Sanchez’s donation page:

Statement on Republican Tax Bill

Today the US House voted on the conference report for the Republican tax bill.

Like many Americans, I agree we need comprehensive tax reform. Unfortunately, Congressional Republicans took a partisan approach and are moving a bill that is not true reform, will explode the deficit, and is not primarily targeted to Working Families.

Any tax reform must include the following aspects:


  1. Put Working Families first;
  2. Support workers and enable them to invest in themselves and their jobs;
  3. Simplify the tax code to enable private sector growth and small business fairness;
  4. Promote innovation, entrepreneurship, and new business formation;
  5. Spur infrastructure investment and create good, well-paying jobs;
  6. Be fiscally responsible and built for long-lasting success by pursuing a bipartisan, transparent process.

I will not support any tax reform bill that falls short of these goals.

Statement on Net Neutrality

Equality among all is not just a slogan but the essence of our American way of life.

Removing Net Neutrality rules endanger the most basic protections guaranteed in our Constitution, including the freedom of expression and speech. Using the Internet is not a luxury or a leisurely activity, but a part of our everyday life. Millions of Americans rely on the internet for contacting loved ones or requesting help in case of an emergency.

This decision today creates a dangerous precedent that can lead to government censorship and corporate control over our everyday lives (e.g. allowing one news website to load faster than the other, ISPs creating a bidding war between netflix and hulu to decide whose movie stream shows up on your television).

It’s also a seriously anti-consumer stance. Not only will ISPs be allowed to limit or charge extra for consumers to have access to certain sites, we could see cases of retailers blocking access to online retailers while shopping at their stores so to prevent price comparison in real time.

Today’s action could increase social disparity and class discrimination by allowing ISPs to offer easier access and higher internet speeds in certain higher-income areas and throttling speed in lower-income neighborhoods.

Most urgently, this decision opens the door to thought policing via content control, not unlike that regularly practiced by ISPs in authoritarian countries including China, Saudi Arabia, and North Korea.