Statement on Gun Rights and Violence

I believe in protecting the freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution—including the right to bear arms as guaranteed by the Second Amendment. However, with rights come responsibilities. As a gun owner myself, I cherish my right to own a firearm, and believe that safe use of that firearm is my responsibility.

As an elected official, it will be my responsibility to stand up for common sense gun laws to reduce the gun violence that kills more than 90 Americans a day.

Beyond the tragedy, gun violence is expensive. If you add together lost wages and hospital charges, the annual cost of shootings in the US could be as high as $45 billion. Given the state of our national deficit, we should be thinking about gun safety as an economic as well as public health issue.

Gun violence often hurts children, and this is unacceptable. Children unintentionally shoot themselves or others every other day. Safe and responsible gun ownership includes knowing how to prevent children from hurting or killing themselves.

There is a sensible path forward where we protect our right to bear arms and also protect public safety. That’s why I oppose “concealed carry reciprocity,” dangerous legislation that would gut state’s gun laws, and allow countless people to carry hidden, loaded guns across the country with no background check or gun safety training.

“Concealed carry reciprocity” wouldn’t create a national standard for who can carry a hidden, loaded gun in public. Instead it would force every state to accept the concealed carry standards of every other state, no matter how weak or nonexistent those standards may be.

Over 90% of Texans support requiring a license to carry, and yet some politicians in the capitol fought hard to get permitless carry passed last year. This is not about our freedom; this is about serving the special interests that line the pockets of our elected officials.

I condemn the comments of my opponent Joe Barton in calling for a “Wild West” proliferation of guns as a solution to violence. In an age where guns are more powerful than ever before, and where madmen plot for months to kill innocent citizens, we need a common-sense approach to protecting public safety. Americans should not have to fear for their lives when they go to church, picnics or concerts.

Statement on Tragic Las Vegas Shooting

I am deeply saddened by the news of last night’s mass shooting in Las Vegas. My thoughts are with every family affected, and I will keep them in my prayers.

Americans shouldn’t have to worry about being shot at outdoor concerts, movie theaters, elementary schools, churches and nightclubs. We don’t have to live like this. Today we grieve those lost and salute those who keep us safe. Be kind to each other– today and always.

Jana Lynne

Sanchez gains support of pro-growth NewDemsPAC


NewDems fund common sense leaders who encourage innovation, fiscal responsibility

Arlington, TX, September 25, 2017 – Jana Lynne Sanchez, Democratic Candidate for US Congress (TX06) today received the support of the NewDemPAC, a political action committee backed by a group of 61 Democratic Members of Congress who call for common sense leadership, policies that promote economic growth and fiscal responsibility and encourage innovation.

The Texas Members of Congress who are part of the Coalition are Beto O’Rourke, Joaquin Castro and Henry Cuellar.

New Democrats are forward thinkers who seek to bridge the gap between left and right by challenging outmoded partisan approaches to governing. New Democrats believe the challenges ahead are too great for Members of Congress to refuse to cooperate purely out of partisanship. Sanchez has already made clear that a key piece of her agenda is to reach across the aisle and find solutions that benefit all members of Congressional District 6.

“I pledge to work with anyone in Congress who will help us create great jobs for high-school graduates in our district, where 70 percent do not have a four-year college degree, and with those who want to ensure all residents can afford quality healthcare. Voters tell me daily these are their priorities, along with well-funded neighborhood schools not depleted by vouchers. They also desperately want Congress to enact Congressional term limits to return Congress to the people,” said Sanchez.

“Americans deserve the kind of common sense leadership that will unleash growth, encourage innovation, and restore fiscal responsibility. The NewDemPAC supports candidates who embody these ideals and who reject partisan gridlock to work together to build an economy that leaves no American behind. The NewDemPAC is proud to support Jana Lynne’s campaign for Congress.”

– Rep. Scott Peters , Chair of the NewDemPAC

I am exceedingly proud to receive this nod – and financial support – from this outstanding group of common sense leaders,” Sanchez added.

Women to Surge to Electoral Success in 2018

The last few days have been a whirlwind of activity for the campaign. As we previously announced, we are being featured in a TV documentary series that will air in September 2018 called “Surge” about the huge number of women across the country putting themselves forward for elected office since the 2016 elections.

On Sunday, the film’s producer and her crew joined our “Women on Fire” female candidate group for our retreat in Dallas. They filmed a two-hour roundtable discussion about the challenges and advantages of running for office as a woman.

The next morning, they came out to Waxahachie and filmed me (and JoJo) at home and block walking in my neighborhood. In the evening they attended the Surge/Light the Fire Meet & Greet, which we hosted for all the Women on Fire. It was a huge success and everyone loved it. We will do more.

At the event, I sang one of our original campaign songs (co-written with Nashville songwriter Judy Klass). Please check out our YouTube video and share it on your social media. It’s a satirical look at Joe Barton’s 32+ years in office. Gene Dooley is playing guitar and Dr. Carla Morton, candidate for State Board of Education, is playing guitar and singing back up.

Upcoming events

We had to suspend fundraising due to Hurricane Harvey and are now unlikely to meet our end-of-quarter fundraising goals without your help. We have two fundraising events in the next few weeks. We would really appreciate it if you could buy or sell tickets for the events.

The first is a reception in Washington DC on September 19 hosted by my good friends Holly Page and Dave Fuscus. Please get tickets here:

The second is our big DFW-wide event on Wednesday, September 27 at Legal Draft Brewery. We will have live music and home-made brisket tacos. Please get your tickets here:

Thank you for your continuing support.


Jana Lynne Sanchez

Get campaign swag here:




Two of the most pressing issues affecting Congressional District 6 are the need to develop more and better jobs for our young high school graduates (only 30 percent of our district gets a 4-year college degree) and the need to clean up our air quality, which fails federal standards and is harming our health.

Both problems can be at least partially addressed by an aggressive push to develop renewable energy – particularly solar – in the district. Federal policy on renewables is important because the market does not factor in the value of climate benefits of non-carbon fuel.

Current situation/background

Right now, Texas electricity utilities are importing coal from coal-producing states, namely Wyoming. This does nothing to create jobs in Texas and it contributes massively to our poor air quality. Natural gas, produced here, is about 50% cleaner than coal and will continue to fuel utilities for some time to come. We could, however, rapidly transition to solar and other affordable clean energy production in CD6, helping to clean our environment and create many new jobs.

The renewable energy sector is growing 17 times as fast as the rest of the US economy and increasingly provides more and more jobs. The solar energy industry created 73,000 jobs nationally in 2016, an increase of 25%. We must bring some of those jobs to this district. Less than 1% of the electricity produced here is solar, so there’s tremendous opportunity for growth. We should strive to increase that number every year until it reaches at least 20%.

Every increase in the percentage of solar energy produced here will increase jobs exponentially. That’s because renewable energy is job intensive. The wind and solar industries each employ twice as many as those employed in coal mining (despite producing 30% of energy verses 6% for wind and solar combined): Money invested in oil, gas and coal is mainly spent on getting fossil fuels out of the ground. The jobs created in renewable production are good, blue collar jobs of the future as renewable energy production will only increase over time as fossil fuels are depleted. To install solar panels, you need people who can sell, market, and manage the installation and you need installers: these are typically high-school graduates with some education and training in electrical, carpentry and other building trades.

The entire DFW region is a non-attainment area for ozone. This means we have ozone that damages the lungs and increases death rates. President George W. Bush tightened standards to 75 ppb, and President Obama tightened them even further to 70ppb. Dallas region is at 80 ppb right now. President Trump wants to roll back national standards.

Our district can produce solar three different ways: residential panels, community solar where a subdivision or neighborhood invests together in panels, and utility-scale solar farms. There may also be opportunities to develop small-scale wind or geothermal power in our district.

Promoting Renewable Energy Production

There are numerous state and federal steps that need to be taken to promote solar, wind, and geothermal production in our district. Here are some of the main ones:

  1. Subsidy extension: The Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is a 30 percent tax credit for solar systems on residential and commercial properties that is scheduled to phase down starting in 2020. This tax credit should be extended and paired with low-interest federal loans, so homeowners can afford solar installations that typically pay for themselves over 10 years. We also need to reinstate the tax credits for geothermal heat pumps and residential wind systems, which expired at the end of 2016. Solar, geothermal, and wind all help Texans save on our energy bills while cutting pollution from power plants.
  1. Import tariffs: The Federal government should drop plans to charge import tariffs on solar panels. In May, the Trump administration informed other members of the WTO that it was considering imposing tariffs on imports. This would drive up the cost of installation.
  1. Net metering: Make net metering mandatory across the state and country. Net metering means utilities have to net out the electricity used by the solar energy producer. Right now, some utilities charge solar customers a much higher rate for the electricity they use than for the energy they contribute to the grid. Solar panel owners should only be charged for the net amount of energy they use over a given month so that they can get the full value from their investment.

Research and Development

Critical to that objective is investment in scientific research and development. It is disturbing that President Trump and the Republican-controlled Congress is proposing devastating cuts in energy R&D. I will support increases to make the U.S. the global leader in energy technologies, and I will work ceaselessly to make sure that the great research universities of Texas — UT, TAMU, SMU, U of H, Rice — are poised to be major contributors to this R&D effort. Nearby SMU is already a leader in research on geothermal energy — an affordable, clean energy resource that could be a great complement to other energy sources, since it can provide power when the sun isn’t shining and the wind isn’t blowing.

University scientific research leads to innovation which can launch the next generation of industry players. The decisions we make in the next few years will decide which state is the friendliest to those businesses. I want those companies to thrive in Texas and not just in California or New York or Massachusetts, so Texas will remain the energy capital of the U.S. and the globe. I will work with state leaders to help create university business incubators that help translate energy research into new business.


Our campaign makes front page of The Ennis News

Following an interview with the The Ennis News with Jana Lynne, the newspaper published a very positive story on the campaign on its front page Wednesday. There are a number of factual errors in the story, including descriptions of our opponents – not provided by us. The journalist did his own research. Also the journalist states incorrectly that we are looking to win Libertarian voters. We said we are targeting Independents in addition to Democrats – some 38% of American voters call themselves Independents. We apparently confused him about CitySavvy. That is a company Jana Lynne co-founded in 2005 in London and Amsterdam that is still in operation today. She no longer has any role in the company other than owner. She was CEO of CitySavvy for 7 years.

Despite those inaccuracies, we think the story is positive and helps raise awareness for our campaign in Ellis County. We are working on organizing an event in Ennis now.

To read the full article, click the links below:

The Ennis News Front page 7-5-17

The Ennis News 7-5-17 cont





Sanchez for Congress appoints Director of Field Operations

The campaign is pleased to announce we are launching our field operations with the appointment of our first full-time paid staff, Director of Field Operations, Rebeca Ornelas.

Rebeca is a veteran of numerous Tarrant County campaigns, including those of State Representative Ramon Romero, Fort Worth City Councilman Salvador Espino, and candidate for Fort Worth City Council Carlos Flores.

Rebeca will be responsible for Community Outreach developing and implementing our voter ID, door knocking and phone banking activities. She will also be helping coordinate campaign events.

She will work alongside a large group of dedicated volunteers.

She has a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and Forensic Science from Texas Wesleyan University.

We are launching our walking program next week. We will be out walking five days a week – the candidate and volunteers – meeting voters. Please contact Rebeca to join us.

To reach Rebeca, email

Campaign manager, day-to-day operations sought (full-time, paid)

We are looking for a day-to-day campaign manager with experience having worked on several Democratic congressional races in Texas or the South.

Job responsibilities include: oversight and execution of fundraising (digital and traditional), media relations, field operations (managing a paid field ops staff person, who will run this), digital media, and liaising with consultants. This is not primarily a strategy position, but an execution role.

You will also be responsible for managing a team of highly-committed and experienced volunteers in areas including digital communications, volunteer coordination, scheduling, VAN administration, fundraising, events etc.

This is a full-time job based here in the district. Start date July 1.

Please have a four-year degree and about two to four years experience.

Submit a cover letter and resume to

I never slept on Nov. 8, but I sure as hell woke up on Nov. 9

More than a few people were surprised, ok shocked, to see that I decided to run for US Congress. Honestly, I never ever planned to run for office of any sort. Unfortunately I have no choice. As I constantly say: I never slept on November 8, but I sure as hell woke up on November 9.

I am running because our Constitution, democracy, and the American way are under assault and we have never faced a more grave threat certainly in my lifetime. Perhaps never in the history of the US. Like the more than 10,000 American women across the country who have signed up to run for office since November 9, I am here to help form a blue wall against tyranny. I want to be an essential building block to turning Texas blue and in turning Congress blue in 2018.

We are very proud of the campaign we have run to date. We have gained a high-level of social media following (almost 15,000 followers between all platforms), attended hundreds of events where we met thousands of Democratic voters and gained some media exposure following Joe Barton’s “shut up” gaffe at his town hall. See the Ft Worth Star Telegram story.

To date, we have also raised $16,000 cash to date from 145 donors from around the district, DFW area and country. While this might not sound like much, in the first six weeks of our campaign, we’ve already surpassed the amount reported by the 2016 Democratic nominee in CD06 for her entire primary and general campaigns.

Our first FEC deadline is March 31. Our goal is to raise $20,000 by end of day Friday.

If you have not made a donation yet, can you please do it now via ActBlue:

ActBlue: Jana Lynne Sanchez for US Congress

You can also pay directly via PayPal, but please make sure we have your name, address, employer and occupation: PayPal to Jana Lynne Sanchez

In the primary, we need to spend approximately $100,000, all of which will be helpful for building our vote for the general election.

We will spend our funds on the following:

  • The VAN databases from the state democratic party that tells us who all the likely Democratic voters are
  • Doorhangers to leave behind when we walk precincts
  • Push cards to distribute at events
  • Bumper stickers
  • Two district-wide mailings to likely Democratic primary vote
  • Campaign manager to run our ground game
  • Banners, signs, etc.
  • Polling, if we raise enough money

As y’all know, we believe the secret to winning this winnable district is Message, Money and Machine. We are focusing equally on all three throughout the campaign.

Jana Lynne Sanchez

Candidate for US Congress, Texas CD6