Campaign manager, day-to-day operations sought (full-time, paid)

We are looking for a day-to-day campaign manager with experience having worked on several Democratic congressional races in Texas or the South. Job responsibilities include: oversight and execution of fundraising (digital and traditional), media relations, field operations (managing a paid field ops staff person, who will run this), digital media, and liaising with consultants. This is not primarily a strategy position, but an execution role.

Immigration Reform

My grandfather, Lonjino Rodriguez Sanchez came to the US without documentation from Mexico in 1912. He became a citizen in 1969, one year before he passed away. During his many years as an undocumented worker he fathered 27 US citizen children here. The family travelled as migrant farm workers, providing essential agricultural services across the US and living in harsh conditions, even facing starvation at times in winter. Most of his descendants became grandparents and great grandparents and the majority of my extended family lives in Ellis County today. Immigration is central to my story, my family is central to the American story, and I am a believer in the American Dream.

The Tea Party Threat

The Tea Party is dangerously close to having the power needed to dismantle our democracy and replace it with a theocracy based on the Bible. The Tea Party is one state legislature away from being able to call a Constitutional Convention. As patriots who love the Constitution as it was written by the founding fathers, we must counter the Tea Party at every turn. Most of America has been unaware of the true motives of this party while they quietly took over state legislature after state legislature and Democratic leaders either did nothing to stop it or were ineffective.