Texas CD6 too Close to Call — Poll

Texas CD6 too Close to Call — Poll

District Voters Open to Change in November

Arlington, TX, July 31 – A recent Public Policy Polling survey shows Democrat Jana Lynne Sanchez in a strong position to capture the Texas 6th Congressional District open seat vacated by longtime Representative Joe Barton (R).

When asked if the election for the Congressional seat were held today, 45 percent of surveyed voters said they would vote Democrat while 49 percent said they would vote Republican, a difference of only 4 points and the same as the margin of error for the poll.

“The survey data confirms what we have always known: District 6 is winnable,” said Jana Lynne Sanchez, U.S. Congressional candidate. “We meet and talk with thousands of voters each week and hear that they are interested in key economic issues, including affordable healthcare and immigration reform. Between now and November, we will continue to raise awareness of my name and position on these and other important issues.”

The Jana Lynne Sanchez for U.S. Congress campaign commissioned the poll to assess the state of general election. Additional survey results include: 

  • The district is open to a new candidate. The district is open to a political newcomer with 39 percent of voters saying that they would support Jana Lynne Sanchez and 48 percent saying they would support Ron Wright, who has had over a decade in the public eye as chief of staff for Joe Barton and as the Tarrant County Tax Assessor. A full 13 percent of voters said they have still to decide on a candidate.
  • Economic issues, especially affordable healthcare, are top of mind with voters. Voters listed economic issues as being most important to them. Universal, affordable healthcare topped the list with 34 percent of voter response. It was closely followed with Immigration reform at 27 percent. A small percentage of respondents chose “something else” (11 percent) or “not sure” (3 percent).

About Jana Lynne Sanchez

For more information on the Jana Lynne Sanchez campaign, please visit www.sanchez4texas.com. For a copy of the poll, please email Beth Kitchener.


From July 27 – 28, 2018, Public Policy Polling surveyed 576 registered voters in Texas Congressional District 6. The poll was conducted using automated telephone interviews. The margin of error is +/- 4.1 percent.







The Economist: DISTRICT 6 IS A TOSS-UP

The Economist just called District 6 a toss up. Only 4.36% of districts nation-wide are in that category.
We know Jana Lynne is the right candidate to win in November. Even conservative and independent voters are telling us on their doorsteps that they’re planning to vote Sanchez because they like that she stands for protecting the American Dream: well-funded public schools, better-paying jobs, and affordable healthcare.
Chip in today to help us beat Ron Wright, a Washington insider and huge Trump supporter whose priorities are not in line with District 6.
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Campaign Momentum Builds Heading into Texas Democratic Convention

June 21, 2018 – Since winning the Democratic primary last month, the Jana Lynne Sanchez Congressional campaign is riding a wave of momentum that includes new fundraising, a new field office at Democratic headquarters in Ellis County and new team members to swell the ranks of full-time staffers and volunteers. Jana is bringing all of this increased support with her to the Texas Democratic Convention in Fort Worth, June 21 – June 23.

Fundraising Climbs

It is expected that the campaign will report having raised over $350,000 by the end of June, five times more than any other Democratic candidate in three decades. The groundswell of support is building, in part, from the efforts by Jana, her staff and volunteers to “block walk,” going door-to-door in Ellis, Navarro and Tarrant Counties to meet voters and talk about their interests and concerns.

It’s estimated that Jana and team will reach 2,500 doors in Ellis County alone by the end of the month.

New Office at Democratic HQ in Waxahachie

Along with an office in Arlington, Jana’s campaign will open an additional office in support Ellis and Navarro Counties in the Ellis County Democratic Headquarters at 215 East Main Street in Waxahachie.  Post-primary, local Democratic candidates are joining forces to support of one another in preparation for facing their Republican adversaries in November.

“The Democratic candidates are coming together to boost mutual efforts in ways that we haven’t seen before,” said Nancy Cannaday, Democratic Chair for Ellis County. “It’s been three decades since we’ve had a full ballot of Democratic candidates. Everyone is on board to support the team and the party.”

The Waxahachie office will be staffed by existing director of Ellis and Navarro community outreach, Vicki Alcala Spaniel, and newly hired field organizer Linda Kay Dixon.

New Members Join Team Sanchez

Increased momentum requires more hearts and minds to help Jana win in November. New professional, paid members to Team Sanchez include:


  • Director of Communications – Beth Kitchener is a communications professional with 20+ years experience working with companies ranging from Fortune 500 giants to start-ups, providing strategic advice on branding, crisis communications, government affairs and media and public relations. Beth can be reached at bk@sanchez4texas.com.
  • Field Strategy Advisor – The campaign has retained Jacob Limon, a 20-year veteran of Democratic politics including several Congressional races. Jacob is the former deputy Executive Director of the Texas Democratic Party and Chief of Staff for State Representative Nicole Collier.
  • Field and Finance Coordinator – Kylah Allison, a student at Sam Houston State University, was promoted from her former role of intern.
  • Finance Coordinator – Helen Miller, a long-term volunteer, took on this part-time role with the campaign.

Team Jana existing staff includes:

  • Linda Kay Dixon, new Field Organizer, Ellis and Navarro Counties
  • Elizabeth Ericsson, Deputy Campaign Manager and Field Director
  • Daniel Sanchez, Director of Community Outreach, Tarrant County
  • Christen Sparago, Finance Director
  • Vicki Alcala Spaniel, Director of Outreach, Ellis and Navarro County


What we learned from our fathers

My dad grew up on the road as a migrant farm worker. He didn’t get much chance to go to school – he worked long days in the hot sun during most of the year. His dad came here from San Luis Potosí, Mexico and the whole family (27 kids) worked hard to keep themselves fed. Dad got his education in the US Marines, where he proudly served. He continued to work hard to take care of our family. First, he hauled hay and bailed cotton when I was young, then he worked long shifts in the cement and steel plants in Midlothian. With four children, we never had much money, but Dad was always generous with others who had less than we did. As my mom would say, “he would give anyone the shirt off his back.” He taught me the value and the virtue of hard work and of caring for others.

Father's DayMe and my dad at poll greeting on Primary Election Day (March 6th).

Today my dad is not in good health. He had a stroke in 2008 that left him without much ability to speak or walk and many other health problems. I am thankful for the care he gets at the VA hospital and through Medicare and Medicaid. He served. He worked hard his whole life and paid into the system.

In spite of his poor health, my dad is my biggest campaigner. He has a different Sanchez for Congress t-shirt for every day of the week and he won’t wear anything else. When I visit him at the nursing home people tell me how proud my dad is of me for running.

The folks like my grandpa who came to this country and their children, like my dad, have made it better. They’ve fed all of us through their labor. On this Fathers Day, I want to make sure that children are not ripped from their parents’ arms and placed in tent cities. I want to make sure the VA administration is not turned into a profit mill at the expense of our heroes. I want to make sure people like my father still have access to medical care. I can help do all of this if you send me to Congress.

Please stand with me by making a contribution of any amount to our campaign today: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/janalynnesanchezforcongress.

Thank you,

Jana Lynne

Gloria Campos, former Dallas/Fort Worth News Anchor, endorses Jana Lynne Sanchez

From Gloria Campos

My fellow Texans,

It’s my honor and pleasure to endorse Jana Lynne Sanchez in the Democratic Party runoff for the 6th Congressional district of Texas. Since my retirement as a longtime Dallas-Fort Worth television News Anchor, I’ve become increasingly alarmed at the chaos surrounding our current administration and the gridlock in Congress. As a professional broadcast journalist I kept my own views and beliefs to myself. But I am no longer bound by those professional tenets and as a concerned private citizen I must speak out.

That is why I am seeking out like minded candidates who will represent what I believe are the views of a majority of fair minded voters. Jana Lynne Sanchez is that kind of candidate. She has a common sense view on many issues  facing our country now: a pathway to legal status for some immigrants NOT amnesty, she supports the 2nd Amendment-the right to bear arms with reasonable gun laws  that don’t take away guns from responsible gun owners. Finally Jana supports term  limits that I believe would keep fat cat lawmakers from getting too comfortable in Washington forgetting the people they were elected to serve.

If you believe as I do then we must elect candidates like Jana Lynne Sanchez. It is increasingly clear to me that there are many lawmakers in Washington who don’t care what the voters at home think and only listen to special interest groups and lobbyists who make big campaign contributions. Jana Lynne Sanchez has run her campaign with the help of thousands of small donors. I hope you’ll join me and support Jana Lynne Sanchez for the Sixth Congressional district of Texas. Vote May 22nd.

Gloria Campos former Dallas/Fort Worth News Anchor


Sanchez campaign outraises all candidates in both parties in TX06

Thank you! We did it! Our campaign has now raised more than $200,000 from more than 5,000 individual donations.

We have outraised all of the Republicans in the race in total and even in the period since they entered the race.

We have raised almost double the amount that all Democratic opponents combined have raised.

The money is being spent on an unprecedented GOTV effort in the primary.

This fundraising ability and broad base of support demonstrates that we are the campaign that will turn this district blue in 2018.

Sanchez raises record funds for unprecedented GOTV effort


Arlington, TX, Feb 15, 2018, – Jana Lynne Sanchez, Democratic Candidate for US Congress (TX06) said on Thursday that her campaign had raised a record-breaking amount in her campaign to become the next US Representative for district 6. The campaign had raised over $175,000 by the pre-primary deadline.

Funds are being used to reach Democratic primary voters around the district. So far, the campaign has already knocked on doors of about 10,000 Democratic primary voters.The funds raised come primarily from the DFW region, including the district, which spans from Arlington to Corsicana, although a large number of national grassroots donors have contributed. The campaign counts more than 2600 donations from $1 to the maximum of $2,700.Sanchez has the support of the Texas AFL-CIO, Dallas AFL-CIO, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus’s BOLD PAC, the New Democratic Coalition PAC (representing 61 Democratic members of Congress, who are pro-growth problem solvers) , Poder PAC, Latino Majority PAC and Climate Hawk Vote PAC.Sanchez has a number of Town Halls and Meet & Greets in the coming weeks. Those can be found here. For more information about Sanchez’s campaign, please visit her website: https://sanchezforcongress2018.com/.