cropped-outside-picJana Lynne Sanchez grew up in the Ellis County, Texas towns of Maypearl, Midlothian and Waxahachie. Her grandparents, migrant farm workers, settled in Rockett, outside of Waxahachie in the 1950s. Her grandfather was an undocumented immigrant from Mexico who lived in the U.S. most of his life, before becoming a citizen in 1969. Her father, one of 27 children, grew up on the road and had little formal education.

Jana attended Rice University in Houston on multiple scholarships and thanks to financial aid, student loans, work-study jobs, and the support of family. After graduating from Rice with a degree in Political Science, she went on to work as a political fundraiser, raising millions for state-wide and local candidates in California. She also managed political campaigns in Alabama before turning to journalism.

She began her career writing about food and travel for the Baltimore Sun before becoming a technology journalist. Later she was a foreign correspondent for Reuters in Amsterdam. In 2005 she co-founded CitySavvy, an award-winning financial and corporate communications consultancy with offices in London and Amsterdam ( At the end of 2014 she returned to Texas.

Jana serves on the Dean’s Advisory Board for the School of Social Sciences at Rice and is active in progressive political causes in Texas. She’s an aspiring country songwriter, singer and guitarist.

She worships at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Waxahachie.

Why I am running

by Jana Lynne Sanchez

I am running for U.S. Congress because I love my country and I want the future for Texans to be as great as our past.

I have always been a person who likes to solve problems – to see an opportunity and seize it. Texas District 6 is made up of almost three-quarters of a million people from all walks of life – employees, business owners, students, homemakers and others. I will do my best to represent all of their best interests in a time when the world is extremely divided on political, religious and social grounds. I want to remove special interests and the extreme ideology of both sides, and focus on job creation and core Texas values of prosperity and opportunity, independence, freedom, and doing what is right.

I’ve led a truly blessed life. I grew up in Maypearl, Midlothian, and Waxahachie. I went away to Rice University on scholarships and financial aid and with the help of family. I am grateful for the experiences I have had living all over the country and in Europe: I will bring what I’ve learned to serve the people of this district.

I am a self-employed businesswoman who has never had any aspirations to run for office before now. I see a district that is in dire need of an ethical and competent representative truly accountable to the people of the district.

I believe citizen representatives should go to D.C. and represent our interests for only a short time, and then return to the district to continue serving. I am fully in support of strict term limits.

Please join my campaign.