Texas CD6 too Close to Call — Poll

District Voters Open to Change in November

Arlington, TX, July 31 – A recent Public Policy Polling survey shows Democrat Jana Lynne Sanchez in a strong position to capture the Texas 6th Congressional District open seat vacated by longtime Representative Joe Barton (R).

When asked if the election for the Congressional seat were held today, 45 percent of surveyed voters said they would vote Democrat while 49 percent said they would vote Republican, a difference of only 4 points and the same as the margin of error for the poll.

“The survey data confirms what we have always known: District 6 is winnable,” said Jana Lynne Sanchez, U.S. Congressional candidate. “We meet and talk with thousands of voters each week and hear that they are interested in key economic issues, including affordable healthcare and immigration reform. Between now and November, we will continue to raise awareness of my name and position on these and other important issues.”

The Jana Lynne Sanchez for U.S. Congress campaign commissioned the poll to assess the state of general election. Additional survey results include: 

  • The district is open to a new candidate. The district is open to a political newcomer with 39 percent of voters saying that they would support Jana Lynne Sanchez and 48 percent saying they would support Ron Wright, who has had over a decade in the public eye as chief of staff for Joe Barton and as the Tarrant County Tax Assessor. A full 13 percent of voters said they have still to decide on a candidate.
  • Economic issues, especially affordable healthcare, are top of mind with voters. Voters listed economic issues as being most important to them. Universal, affordable healthcare topped the list with 34 percent of voter response. It was closely followed with Immigration reform at 27 percent. A small percentage of respondents chose “something else” (11 percent) or “not sure” (3 percent).

About Jana Lynne Sanchez

For more information on the Jana Lynne Sanchez campaign, please visit www.sanchez4texas.com. For a copy of the poll, please email Beth Kitchener.


From July 27 – 28, 2018, Public Policy Polling surveyed 576 registered voters in Texas Congressional District 6. The poll was conducted using automated telephone interviews. The margin of error is +/- 4.1 percent.