My dad grew up on the road as a migrant farm worker. He didn’t get much chance to go to school – he worked long days in the hot sun during most of the year. His dad came here from San Luis Potosí, Mexico and the whole family (27 kids) worked hard to keep themselves fed. Dad got his education in the US Marines, where he proudly served. He continued to work hard to take care of our family. First, he hauled hay and bailed cotton when I was young, then he worked long shifts in the cement and steel plants in Midlothian. With four children, we never had much money, but Dad was always generous with others who had less than we did. As my mom would say, “he would give anyone the shirt off his back.” He taught me the value and the virtue of hard work and of caring for others.

Father's DayMe and my dad at poll greeting on Primary Election Day (March 6th).

Today my dad is not in good health. He had a stroke in 2008 that left him without much ability to speak or walk and many other health problems. I am thankful for the care he gets at the VA hospital and through Medicare and Medicaid. He served. He worked hard his whole life and paid into the system.

In spite of his poor health, my dad is my biggest campaigner. He has a different Sanchez for Congress t-shirt for every day of the week and he won’t wear anything else. When I visit him at the nursing home people tell me how proud my dad is of me for running.

The folks like my grandpa who came to this country and their children, like my dad, have made it better. They’ve fed all of us through their labor. On this Fathers Day, I want to make sure that children are not ripped from their parents’ arms and placed in tent cities. I want to make sure the VA administration is not turned into a profit mill at the expense of our heroes. I want to make sure people like my father still have access to medical care. I can help do all of this if you send me to Congress.

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Thank you,

Jana Lynne