Equality among all is not just a slogan but the essence of our American way of life.

Removing Net Neutrality rules endanger the most basic protections guaranteed in our Constitution, including the freedom of expression and speech. Using the Internet is not a luxury or a leisurely activity, but a part of our everyday life. Millions of Americans rely on the internet for contacting loved ones or requesting help in case of an emergency.

This decision today creates a dangerous precedent that can lead to government censorship and corporate control over our everyday lives (e.g. allowing one news website to load faster than the other, ISPs creating a bidding war between netflix and hulu to decide whose movie stream shows up on your television).

It’s also a seriously anti-consumer stance. Not only will ISPs be allowed to limit or charge extra for consumers to have access to certain sites, we could see cases of retailers blocking access to online retailers while shopping at their stores so to prevent price comparison in real time.

Today’s action could increase social disparity and class discrimination by allowing ISPs to offer easier access and higher internet speeds in certain higher-income areas and throttling speed in lower-income neighborhoods.

Most urgently, this decision opens the door to thought policing via content control, not unlike that regularly practiced by ISPs in authoritarian countries including China, Saudi Arabia, and North Korea.