Arlington, TX, November 22, 2017 – Jana Lynne Sanchez, Democratic Candidate for US Congress (TX06) today issued the following statement to media responding to an apology issued by US Representative Joe Barton. After the release of graphic photos online, Barton has apologized for poor judgment and letting down constituents. Barton said he was deliberating his political future.

“Texans, just like all American people, are tired of poor behavior of elected officials distracting us from the real issues affecting us – the unbearable cost of healthcare, the poor and sliding quality of public education and the lack of good jobs for our high school graduates. No matter who the Republican nominee is, I look forward to a civil and respectful campaign on the issues – not one sullied by personal attacks.

There is a far larger issue here. Joe Barton, like all Tea Party extremists, do not represent the values of our great state and the people of the 6th congressional district. It’s time for new leadership. The swamp needs draining.

I have been talking to voters all over my district and they want new leadership in DC. They want a representative who will look after their interests and work with anyone who can help improve their lives. I have committed to bi-partisan leadership and finding solutions to real problems. I’m going to continue to focus on the issues that matter to this district, like quality, affordable, universal healthcare, excellent public schools, and good jobs for every constituent of working age.”

The campaign is filing its application for a place on the Democratic Party primary ballot early next week. It has already raised more money in the first part of the primary than any complete Democratic campaign to challenge Barton for at least 20 years. The campaign has already reached more than 4,000 Democratic Primary voters, been the subject of 15 pieces of national and local media coverage and has received important national endorsements and support. In September, Sanchez received the support of the New Democratic Coalition, representing 61 members of US Congress who are pro-growth problem solvers.