Climate Hawks Vote announced their first endorsement for the 2018 House of Representatives on November 15: Jana Lynne Sanchez for US Congress in the Texas 6th District. Their announcement is as follows: 

Climate Hawks Vote

We’re excited to announce our first endorsement for the 2018 House of Representatives: Jana Lynne Sanchez, running to be the fossil-free Democratic opponent against incumbent climate denier Joe Barton in Texas’ 6th Congressional District. Texas’ primary is March 6, one of the first in the nation.

Jana Lynne Sanchez just might be the bravest candidate in Texas—she’s the first candidate from this fossil-fueled state to publicly sign our pledge not to take any money from the fossil fuel industry.

Jana is running for office on a pro-solar, pro-jobs platform. She’s doing the work to get into office, with fundraising far outpacing the other candidates in the primary. She’s organizing — helping other Texas Latina Democrats running for Congress and state legislature. And she’s traveled to Houston for hurricane relief work.

There are other good people running in the Democratic primary, which is why we asked Climate Hawks Vote members in the district who to endorse. Jana won over 73 percent of the survey— we thank all who voted and spread the word.

We think Jana can win this red Texas district because she’s a strong candidate running against a weak incumbent. Barton has been one of the worst polluter-financed politicians in Congress since he was first elected in 1984, earning the nickname “Smokey Joe” for his endless attacks on the Clean Air Act. When BP caused the Deepwater Horizon disaster, Barton demanded that then-President Barack Obama apologize to them. Barton has a long track record of ridiculous comments in defense of the oil-and-gas industry, like his claim that global warming is a “net benefit to mankind.”

Barton isn’t just a denier of climate science—Barton votes to deny relief to the survivors of climate disasters, even his fellow Texans. In September, he was just one of four Texans to vote against relief for Hurricane Harvey. Then in October, he doubled down as one of just three of Texans voting to deny relief to Americans surviving the western wildfires and Hurricanes Maria, Irma, and (again) Harvey.

Thanks to the contributions of Climate Hawks Vote members like you, we’re already actively campaigning against Barton, running targeted ads on social media calling him out as #HarveyHeartless in his district. The American people deserve better—and Barton’s constituents deserve better.

We don’t have to watch climate deniers get re-elected year after year without putting up a fight. We can help climate champions like Jana Lynne Sanchez sweep into office across this nation.

Your fellow climate hawk,

RL Miller

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