Backed by Latino Majority PAC, Latinos Against Trump announced their support for the Jana Lynne Sanchez campaign in an email on Thursday. Their statement read:

The Votes Are In!

Latinos Against Trump is proud to announce the first candidate to receive our support: Jana Sanchez

Jana Sanchez

Trained in political science and journalism, and raised right there in Texas, Jana Sanchez is a dedicated problem solver with a head for practical solutions. She is a leader the Latino community can be proud to put forward. Latinos Against Trump is excited to support such an incredible candidate, but it’s up to you to make that support count.

Our support is only as meaningful as you make it. We know you and thousands of others are out there to support strong Latino candidates like Jana, and this is the time to show it. Now is when your contributions will have the most impact. You can help her establish her campaign early and get her message out before her opponents. 2018 might seem a long way away, but with this much on the line we can’t take any chances.

Please donate to the Sanchez campaign here.