On Sunday morning, November 5, a shooter walked into a small church in Sutherland Springs, TX and began killing the people inside. Once again we find ourselves mourning the deaths of dozens after yet another mass shooting. While some of us may have become numb to these reports, rest assured that this community will be changed forever, as will each of the communities that have been rocked by gun violence.

We need to come together to solve this. I am a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and a gun owner. Sensible regulations do not contradict our right to bear arms. In fact, most gun owners agree that there should be standards for who can have a gun. As Congresswoman, I will work hard to protect the safety and security of my constituents and all Americans. People who have a history of violent criminal behavior should not have access to firearms. Owning a gun comes with great responsibility, and each gun owner must be educated about how to safely use their gun.

We cannot accept this as the new normal. For too long, the gun lobby has held us at gun point to line their pockets under the guise of “freedom.” Well, this isn’t freedom. It isn’t freedom when you may lose your life at church, or a music concert, or a shopping mall. We are better than this, and I will fight to end gun violence in this country.