The last few days have been a whirlwind of activity for the campaign. As we previously announced, we are being featured in a TV documentary series that will air in September 2018 called “Surge” about the huge number of women across the country putting themselves forward for elected office since the 2016 elections.

On Sunday, the film’s producer and her crew joined our “Women on Fire” female candidate group for our retreat in Dallas. They filmed a two-hour roundtable discussion about the challenges and advantages of running for office as a woman.

The next morning, they came out to Waxahachie and filmed me (and JoJo) at home and block walking in my neighborhood. In the evening they attended the Surge/Light the Fire Meet & Greet, which we hosted for all the Women on Fire. It was a huge success and everyone loved it. We will do more.

At the event, I sang one of our original campaign songs (co-written with Nashville songwriter Judy Klass). Please check out our YouTube video and share it on your social media. It’s a satirical look at Joe Barton’s 32+ years in office. Gene Dooley is playing guitar and Dr. Carla Morton, candidate for State Board of Education, is playing guitar and singing back up.

Upcoming events

We had to suspend fundraising due to Hurricane Harvey and are now unlikely to meet our end-of-quarter fundraising goals without your help. We have two fundraising events in the next few weeks. We would really appreciate it if you could buy or sell tickets for the events.

The first is a reception in Washington DC on September 19 hosted by my good friends Holly Page and Dave Fuscus. Please get tickets here:

The second is our big DFW-wide event on Wednesday, September 27 at Legal Draft Brewery. We will have live music and home-made brisket tacos. Please get your tickets here:

Thank you for your continuing support.


Jana Lynne Sanchez

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