10 DFW candidates for State House, State Senate and US Congress meet supporters

Allen, Texas, June 15 – Ten women candidates from around the DFW area said on Thursday that they are meeting tonight with supporters to light the fire that will turn Texas Blue in 2018. The event is being hosted by DFW area Stewart and Cody Matthews at their home in Allen. It starts at 7 p.m.

The candidates included in the event are as follows:

Stewart explained his rationale for hosting the gathering:

“My mother was VP of a major hospital and CEO of an internationally renowned retirement facility. She had a great impact on my drive to succeed and be a positive role model to others. We have too few role models in office today. We have too few women making decisions in elected positions that greatly affect women and families. It’s time to change this, especially with the recent escalated attacks we’ve seen on women and women’s rights. It is in Democrats we see a real ability to return true values to both Washington and Texas.”

Stewart made it known that other candidates could be included and the women asked to be added to the event.

“When Stewart offered to host a Meet & Greet for us and said we could include other candidates, I had no idea it would grow so large. I’m thrilled to have so many dynamic, progressive women on ballots around the area, state and country and will work with them to make sure more Democrats are elected in 2018,” said Jana Lynne Sanchez.

The event gives Democratic donors and activists a chance to meet a large number of progressive candidates in one venue and to meet candidates outside of their immediate voting districts. The women will all give a short talk on their vision and their campaigns to the supporters.

“Texas women won’t be relegated to the pretty pink sidelines – we’re going big, bold, and blue,” added Allison Campolo.