Today Anna M. Tinsley of the Star-Telegram publishes article: “Rosie O’Donnell sends shout out — and cash — to a North Texas congressional candidate”

The article appeared online  just as our campaign had released an announcement about Rosie’s donation and the two ladies on Twitter who made it possible. Text from our announcement follows. You can also read our whole announcement here.

Thank you!

Sunday night, comic Rosie O’Donnell boosted the campaign with a retweet and a $1,000 contribution. A couple of generous women, @sumoh and @SnowStormYou – previously unknown to the campaign – launched an initiative to help boost our fundraising with a matching gift of $250. Rosie retweeted their tweet, and we were off!

After Rosie retweeted the request, Jana Lynne tweeted to Rosie asking for a contribuiton, which she promptly made. Our Twitter page gained several hundred followers in addition to the one-and-only Rosie!

They set up a special link, although some of the contributions went onto the regular link (including Rosie’s), but we calculate at least an additional $2,500 was raised within the first few hours, and contributions are still coming in.

Click here to contribute to the special campaign: