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Sanchez Derides New Town Hall Rules by Barton as Political Correctness Run Amuck

Waxahachie, TX, April 13, 2017 – “Political correctness run amuck,” is how Congressional candidate TX-6 Jana Lynne Sanchez describes the new rules for Rep. Joe Barton Town Halls. The rules were announced in response to a letter from Sanchez’s lawyer to the Congressman seeking an explanation for why she was prohibited from distributing handouts at his March 11 Town Hall.

 The letter from Sanchez’s lawyer cited a federal court decision that people at a government-sponsored town hall could not be banned from “distributing leaflets expressing disagreement.” The March 22 response came from the U.S. House of Representatives Office of General Counsel. It denied any wrongdoing, but promised “rules and restrictions” would be posted for future Rep. Barton Town Halls.

 Sanchez says she expected running against the 17-term incumbent would not be easy, but she did not expect his taxpayer-funded staff to use their positions to shut down free speech.

 The rules, which appear on the Congressman’s official website, include “Feel free to applaud when you hear something you like,” no distribution of campaign material, and “No other handouts or signs are permitted.” The next Town Hall was held in April 11 in a remote corner of the district.

 Rep. Barton came prepared, packing the meeting with supporters and having armed security for crowd control. Noting that material and signs in violation of the rules were seen at the April 11 meeting, Ms. Sanchez labelled the new rules a “sham” and a poor attempt at silencing the Congressman’s many critics.

 “Barton has spent too much time pleasing his big oil and gas donors rather than caring for his constituents,” Sanchez says, promising to disregard the new rules at the April 13 meeting in Mansfield and April 20 meeting in Waxahachie.

 Barton gained national media exposure for yelling at constituent to shut up at his March town hall meeting.

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