At crucial junctures in American history, music has had a way of speaking for the voiceless.
Working with my amazing co-writer Judy Klass, we wrote this song about the events of the townhall Saturday to give voice to the constituents of Barton, who have not had a say for the many long decades he has been in office.
I sang this very quick draft version at Starlight Studios with the musical and production assistance of the amazing Robert Stedman.
It’s not perfect, because we didn’t have time to make it so, but I hope you will accept it in the spirit it was intended – of giving voice to the unheard, and unifying us in our struggle.
Throughout the campaign we will perform and record a number of original songs.
Click to listen to “(Don’t tell us to) Shut Up”┬áby Jana Lynne Sanchez and Judy Klass.