Our campaign was out in full force at Indivisible DFW’s Rally for Texas in Rockwall on Sunday March 6. We were joined by several hundred hearty patriots who braved rain, wind and cold to support progressive candidates for school board, city council, state house and US Congress. The crowd also enthusiastically welcomed Democratic candidate for Texas Lieutenant Governor Mike Collier and Texas State Representative Victoria Neave. A large group of Ellis County Democrats were present.
Jana Lynne spoke about the importance of public service in an extreme time of need. Her main point was that despite the threat to democracy, freedom and the Constitution, we must be brave in the pursuit of public service. She spoke about the hope we as progressives should have as a result of a new breed of public servant emerging today: candidates who are willing to do whatever needed to protect democracy and everything it takes to win. She defined these as 1) creating a winning message, 2) raising the money necessary to run a credible campaign and 3) putting in the time into building a voter engagement “machine” – speaking to every winnable voter in the district. Jana Lynne believes we need to speak more about our values and care less about demographics, as she feels the Democratic brand is broken, although our values are widely favored by the majority of voters even in conservative communities.

You can view Jana Lynne’s speech below.